BUSINESS & life coaching

for busy women on a mission.

It's time to get it done.  You had a dream to create your dream business and life and now is your time to make it happen...Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how. 

Are you aching for a successful business without the stress?

Its a tough gig right?  You want a successful business, great work/life balance but you have no idea how to get as you read this you are probably feeling a whole lot of stuck and wondering if this entrepreneurial gig is even worth it.  Trust me, I get it...I've been on that merry-go-round too!
Here's what I know is true... that as women and newish entrepreneurs we can get really critical of ourselves as we watch all the others who are doing it.    We beat ourselves down soooo hard that we can't see light at the end of the day and all that happens is we get caught in procrastiworking
ie: doing nothing! 

Your time is now.

who is this for?

that you're constantly overwhelmed and have zero motivation or inspiration on how to get things done?

do you find...

sick of feeling miserable comparing yourself to those in your industry who are doing it?

are you...

to get excited, feel passionate about your offers and confident in your next move?

do you want...

— rhiannon young.

"The confidence I grew helped me achieve my most successful months of business revenue since starting 2 years ago. Pretty amazing for a few months of coaching!

How my program works:

step one

Our first coaching call will be the longest. You will dive deep into your big goals and dreams.
You will take a look at where you are right now in not only your business but also your life as well as where you want to be.  The coolest thing is I will be with you supporting and walking you through every step of the way.
This call sets the foundation and pace for your next 3 months. 

intial call

step two

Ready to have an actual blueprint style  "road map" on what you need to do next on your dreams?
Yes, this is a thing and it WORKS! 
You already know from our initial call what the final destination is that you want to get to and together we will have mapped out the direction and markers you need to take to do to get to that destination.  This is the action plan you have been dreaming of!  


step three

We are going to be meeting bi-weekly to help you stay motivated to get to that final destination.  During these calls we will be talking about your road map but we will also be uncovering and busting some of the fears that have been holding you back.   By the time we get to call 7 - you can expect to be feeling a whole lot more confident and in love with your life and business!

bi-weekly coaching

number of happy clients


intensive coaching ceritfications


 educational events/courses per year


countries lived in


1 x 90minute initial call

60 minute Bi-weekly coaching calls 

A strategic road map 

Customised work sheets as required

Email access to Melanie as required

Personalised gift

signature coaching package


Renewed passion and confidence for your life and business plus a clear vision for the future.

you'll leave with:

i'm ready for this.

This is the monthly investment,
while I do have a minimum
3 month commitment
most clients prefer to do
6 months of support.
Payment plans available. 


— Natalie Macneil

“Melanie’s work is a beautiful balance of practical business strategy with total alignment with Self"

— Jess Josephs

"I do what feels right for my business every time with confidence & people are now responding to my message."

— Jo Wormald

"I’ve achieved things I may never have without her
guidance & support."

— Rosie Nerney

"She has helped me get really clear on who I am, what I need so that my vision now matches those values"

— Naomi Arnold

"If you are looking for someone to support you in joyfully & confidently balancing life with creating a successful, profitable business – I recommend booking in with Melanie."

— Kate Cashman

"Melanie’s coaching provides holistic, big picture vision for you and your business"

— Tattum West

"I was overwhelmed & needed direction in my business, I had lost the joy for my business.  Fast forward 12 weeks and I am back in love with my business and life

— Grace K.

"Working with Melanie led me to having some inspiring ‘A Ha!” moments around my priorities and discoveries about myself

— Jaclynn R.

"I am definitely in a different place than when I started – and it’s a great place!"

— Rhiannon Young

"I didn’t think that I would see any results. How very wrong was I because what results DIDN’T I achieve?"

coaching results


You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!  No strings attached.

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