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I am an internationally certified Business and Lifestyle coach who helps women get out of self-help jail and into the freedom of action.  My clients are ambitious women who are feeling overwhelmed because they have so much to do and are unsure of how and what to do next.

I help them create a life and business without chaos (aka stress), comparison and fear.

My developed “Freedom of Action” Methodology is a simplified approach to gain real results without overwhelm.

“Every woman deserves to be happy, free from stress and is capable of  building a successful business”.


My mission is for you to do just that…

I want to help you create or build your business that allows you the freedom of a lifestyle.

I work with women on a personalised and bespoke one on one basis as well as through private mastermind groups (invitation only).

Every woman I’ve worked with has experienced huge shifts in her mindset, life and business (they’ve even figured out how to get a little bit more organised and systemised!!!),

you can read more about some of these on the praise and work with me pages.

Sharing and inspiring others to get out of the self-help procrastination jail and into the freedom of action, to live a life full of joy and without stress is at the heart of everything I do – look out for a future book but while you wait for that you may like to join my free Facebook group

In the meantime, if you are ready to get started click below and explore my online home.


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