how to get more joy in your life today?

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…making money in a business you love.
…knowing how to balance your life and your business.
(is that really even possible I hear you asking)

What if I told you it is & it could be YOUR new reality…

I’m Melanie Wheatley and I help coaches, healers and entrepreneurs just like you to say goodbye to their blocks and energy zappers.  It’s my job to help you get more confident so your business grows and you can make more money.

I work with my clients using a holistic no BS approach of practical strategic actions,
(we’ll call that the yang)
and a deep dive into what’s been going on with your energy that’s blocking you from your confidence and joy.
(and we’ll call that the yin)..

We will find out what balance looks like for you.

I work on a personalised one on one basis as well as through private mastermind groups (invitation only)



My work is for you if you are ready to stop making excuses…
If deep down inside you know that you are not happy with your business and life despite what your social media shares with the world.

If you are ready to stop spending money on course after course procrasti-learning because you know your time is now

You need a loving push forward from someone who has been where you are now so that you can truly understand what balance means to you AND then to go conquer that business and life you dream of (before it explodes).

If you know that it’s time to go deep and you crave a straight talking, no nonsense coach (who ironically does use a little woo) to help you feel what balance is, remove the blocks so you can up-level the way YOU dream of then… I may just be your coach.

Curious to hear what others have to say?  You can read some of my client love notes here.


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