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Hey, I’m Melanie Wheatley;

Business and Lifestyle Coach,

Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker,

Aspiring Author & Podcaster,

Born Organiser & Whole Lot Of Fun 

I help coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs to create a plan that has them consistently showing up with purpose.  I help them grow their businesses while also focussing on the “life”style by creating self-care and mindset practices to support their business AND them.

My clients are ambitious and are trying to build their businesses while they juggle this thing called life.  The thing is sometimes they let the personal development books and comparison game be their A-GAME and they forget their purpose.  I help them discover the beautiful concept and forgiveness that is the freedom of action.

“Every woman deserves to be happy, free from stress and is capable of  building a successful business”.


My mission is for you to do just that…

I want to help you create or build your business that allows you the freedom of a lifestyle.

I work with women on a personalised and bespoke one on one basis as well as through private mastermind groups (invitation only) & self-paced trainings to drive their own freedom.

The women I work with experience transformation across the board of mindset, life AND business (they’ve even figured out how to get a little bit more organised and systemised!!!),

Curious to hear what they say?  You can read some of my happy love notes on the praise and work with me pages.


Sharing and inspiring others to discover the Freedom of Action, have a successful organised business, live a life full of joy & without stress is at the heart of everything I do – look out for a future book and podcast coming your way!

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