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discover the best

business and life ever.


My 1:1 three month coaching program is designed for newish coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want confidence & clarity around their message, offers & business so that they can make more money to discover their
best live and business yet.

I'm all in!


Take my free online masterclass to find your purpose and passion.  This class is perfect for you if you prefer to DIY coaching.  It will help you feel clearer about your purpose and re-invigorate and realign you to your self so that you can remember why you set out on the path of entrepreneurship.

I'm all in!


Think of the re-balance like the tyre alignment on the car. 
These one off sessions will help keep you in alignment with your goals and your values and bat away outside influences distracting you from your vision. 
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I'm all in!

meet melanie

I am a story teller, an expert at seeing and cutting through BS excuses and I'm totally obsessed with helping others show up confidently to make a living doing what they love (and the space to live the life they create!).

A island dwelling business & life coach, podcaster, creator and soon to be kinesiologist, my happiest days are spent watching my clients mindset go from zero to hero...and that's when the magic happens.

LIFE & business coach for women on a mission

Hey, I'm Melanie!

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It's time for you to kick the goals and take get the help you need to take your business and life next level.

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what's your favorite tv show?

the handmaids tale

game of thrones


My favorite tv show is...


I love Josh just a teensy bit and love the way they open the conversation about gender and equality in a digestable way!

what's your drink of choice?



gin and tonic

My drink of choice is...

gin and tonic

I love a cheeky G & T at the end of the day!

where would you like to vacay to?




i'd love to be going to...


I'd quite like to live and work in a winery for a month or so!

— natalie macneil.

Melanie’s work will give you the momentum to grow & achieve both success & deep fulfilment.