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find your purpose + passion (and fire up your "why")

My proven 3-part system to help you re-align, refocus and step into the life and business you were created for.

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if you feel stuck & UNMOTIVATED,
then this class is for you.

You want a successful profitable business with no stress and allows them a great work/life balance - I get it.  What you have feels more like your business is sucking the life force out of you because you feel stagnant, demotivated & intimidated by what you are perceiving as a saturated marketplace.

What if the answer wasn't as complicated as you thought?
My masterclass is designed to realign you and refocus you on finding your purpose and passion so that you can feel confident and in love with your life and business again.  Remember that feeling - it was pretty sweet wasn't it?  Let's get started.

it's Time TO FIRE-UP

— natalie macneil

“Melanie’s work is a beautiful balance of practical business strategy with total alignment with Self"

Knowing where you want to spend your time so that you can spend more time with loved ones and less time in the office. 

Just imagine...

Making money in a business that set your soul on fire.

Being really aligned to who and what it is you want so that you stay on track and your dreams become a reality.

Living with your true purpose by creating a brand and life that honors who you were created to be 

this is a must attend if...

You're sick of doing it all, never relaxing, and feeling like you hate your business. 

You need a quickie dose of motivation and direction.

You are doing more scrolling than engaging because... how can you compete with them?

You are scared about what will happen if you don't do well in your business.

Your intention is to change your reality

My 3-part system implemented into your own business & life

A 9-page workbook to help you make your game plan

Confidence to move forward towards what you want 

what you'll get:

you'll leave with:

Confident, aligned and reinvigorated with a passion to get going in your business to start turning the dreams into reality.

you'll feel:

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Masterclass recap & review

Challenging prompts to fire up your thoughts

Questions you need to answer to create your next steps.

9-page workbook

this workbook covers:

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— jo wormald

"I’ve achieved things I may never have without her
guidance & support."