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What’s stopping your success?

What’s stopping your success?

Is success alluding you?


Have you got goals that you always go full stream ahead at only to never reach?  What happens?  What is that thing that stops you from getting where you want to go?  The thing that stops you from reaching the success you dream of?


The short answer is you.


Here’s the thing we can talk about it in both business/life or any other area but for today if we use the example of weight loss.  I have a friend, let’s call her Jane.  Jane wants to lose weight, she is forever talking about losing weight, she reads all the books and she has tried all of the diets.  The thing though is Jane never loses the weight.  She might lose a couple of kilos but then she stops her healthy habits and ends up putting the weight back on.


So what is Jane doing that’s stopping her success?


Well Jane admits that when working she sometimes has some pretty unhealthy eating habits, takeaways – because that’s all she has time for and then that while she may not drink a lot during the week it isn’t unusual for Jane to consume the calories of 4 big mac’s in one sitting on a night out.


So why does Jane do this?  Does she really want to lose the weight, because surely if she wants to lose the weight she would do the steps, I mean she knows all of them right?  Habit.  Plain and simple.  Habit and feelings.


Our lives these days and the excess that we live in can mean sometimes life has made it easy for us to stifle, stop or just outright ignore our feelings and keep on going with bad habits.  What can Jane do though to help her with success.


My advice for Jane:


  • Journal – why do you really want to lose the weigh, how will it make you feel?  How do you feel right now – what would be the difference?
  • Change your environment – do the opposite of what you would normally do.  Eg:  If you normally pour a glass of wine when you get home – do the exact opposite of that?  Following on from this list what habits you have that are stopping you from reaching your success and come up with an opposing habit for each of those.
  • Ask yourself some hard questions.  When did the weight become an issue, what was going on then, did something happen/someone say something – Is there anyone that needs to be forgiven to allow you to move forward?
  • Love yourself, and I don’t mean this in a sucky way.  I mean really really honest to f*ck appreciate who you are.  Jane is one of the smartest people I know, but Jane doesn’t always believe that to be true.  So to practice loving herself a little more I think it would help if Jane started looking in to affirmations or meditations in the morning.  I’m a firm believer in framing your day and visualising a day for success.  So in Jane’s case that might be visualisation in the morning about the healthy meals she was going to enjoy throughout the day, the movement she was going to enjoy that evening and the positive juju that was flowing through her body.
  • Have you tried alternative solutions like essential oils to bring you to a clear positive mindset?
  • Depending on Jane’s budget I may also suggest Jane take a weekend away from life to do all of these things and spend some time with herself.


Jane’s story could be just like your story but with a different goal, it could be why am I not succeeding in my business, relationship, career.  The answer is always the same.  YOU have the power to create success and control your environment, relationships – essentially what you are putting out in to the world.  If you have failed before, own it.  Own it as a step that brings you closer to the success, because after all practice makes perfect and the more times you practice (fail) the closer you get to success.  I encourage you though to do the steps, and believe that your success is there – don’t give up on you.

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