how to get more joy in your life today?

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What if the universe really did have your back?

What if the universe really did have your back?

Dear you,

What if I told you the universe really did have your back and you are worthy or attracting the best into your life.

I know you have heard the one about the really stressed out entrepreneur who is living month to month trying to figure out “how to manifest their next client”, but when it doesn’t happen in 30 seconds its an automatic feeling of failure…and it multiplies.

So how do you change it?  How do you feel like the universe has your back?  How do you trust that old adage of “you are exactly where you need to be right now”?…

You focus on increasing your energy.

Yes it is that simple…energy…

When we are in a state of fear and doubt in our abilities how can we expect the things we want to attract to find us because frankly would you be giving your best self to them at the time if they were lucky enough to come across you?

They just wont find you.

So dear you…I want you to stop right now.  stop the stories that are going on in your head about “this will never work”.

Stop thinking about the should’s and what you don’t have.

My challenge is for you is to do things that make you feel good.

I challenge you to look and listen to what your own personal values are and where you might be acting out of alignment with those.  If you love to have laughter in your life and connecting with friends but realise that you haven’t been doing much of that because you have been buried in your macbook its time to organise those connections.

It’s time to raise the bar.

Want some free help on how to raise your bar?  If you resonate or identify with any of the above you are going to want to sign up for my free 10 day “raise the bar” challenge Click here to join…

With loads of love,




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