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Want to be a Life Coach?

Want to be a Life Coach?

Ten years ago if you had of told me I would have been a qualified Life Coach I would have said many choice words to you in between laughing hysterically. Put simply I used to think this whole self development industry was only for people like Oprah and Dr Phil. I used to think it was for people who were in cults or wanted to be in cults. I used to think it was for nut bags, tree huggers and people who shopped in the Tree of Life (for the record I do shop there). Judgy much?

I really had such a formed opinion of the coaching industry without knowing anything at all about it other than reading a few books here and there. I’d dabbled with the books over many years but never really too action as I was too busy being busy. So why am I now a Life Coach is probably a question I am asked the most and why do I now believe in it?

Why am I now a Life Coach

It wasn’t as cliche in that it was a messy meltdown but by god it was close. I had an extensive period of lets just say shit. You know that chart of life stressful events and you tick how many of them you had been through – let’s just say over a period of time I was significantly high with some events not even on this register like category 5 cyclones and other natural catastrophes.

Through the year prior to going to coaching I started searching. Something inside of me knew that I wanted more and that my life was not how I wanted it to be. I’m pretty sure a solid part of the time I was not even close to the person I wanted to be not just with work but also with friends and family. So after figuring out I was a point or so away from adrenal fatigue and other largely hormone related health issues based on my stress I started looking for my solution. At the time I was looking for a new career. I needed to change and do something different I thought.

I spoke to a few different coaching institutes at the time until I came across The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and Julie Parker. The other academy’s were very unfeely and they just didnt seem to talk to me. Julie on the other hand rang me personally to talk to me and answer any questions I had. My initial thoughts were this woman is so damn nice and oozing calm and just good juju theres got to be something in this. I had no idea about the personal change that I was about to go through – because let me tell you studying Life Coaching was a walk on the wild honest side of Who the F am I and What do I want? I did’t know so much about myself and so much about my ego and judgement. I look back to some of my earlier training calls and cringe – the beautiful thing is now – the development and the change.

Am I perfect – no I am not. These day’s however I have the tools and the resources to pull myself up when fear, stress and ego come talking. They check in and check out.

Why Do I believe in it?

So why I am a life coach is because I believe in it. I believe that every woman has the chance to feel like the best version of herself. I believe that sometimes you need help. I believe sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable. But really, I believe in it because I know the results you achieve and I’ve seen them happen as well as feeling themselves. I am proud of the woman I am today and 2 years ago I don’t now if I could have ever said that. And that is something coaching did for me.

As a process:

Clarity – Get clear on who you are and who you want to be
Communicator – Learn strategies to help you communicate better with others and yourself
Goals – Change your lifestyle and habit so you can lead the life you deserve – ie: wonder woman straight ahead
Unlock – Old behaviours of self- judgement and sabotage leave as you remove any negativity from your thought stream
Momentum – This is where the wonder woman stuff happens – take bold action steps and move forward without looking back. Coaching holds you accountable so you can reach your zone of wonder woman.

Ready to book in for a free clarity call now – click HERE

My biggest lesson from becoming a Life Coach
Early on in my career I confused coaching with mentoring and at times my clients confused it with counselling. As a Life Coach I am watching you the leading actor in the role of a lifetime – your life. I am in the audience watching, supporting – but it is you who makes the choices and you who sets the action.

If you would like to know more about what it is like to coach with me then please go HERE
If you would like to know more about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy then please go HERE

(please know that I am a proud affiliate of BYCA and may receive compensation if you do decide to study with them)

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