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10 Signs you are ready for a coach

10 Signs you are ready for a coach

Have you ever wondered if you even really need a coach?  Are you even really ready for a coach?  Here’s 10 quick signs you may be more ready than you thought!


Number One:  That’s the fifth time you’ve pressed the snooze button

Whoever invented that button needs a reality check.  It is the nightmare you wake up to.  It’s the excuse you need.  Just another five minutes.  Then another…you get the idea.  When the day ahead seems just too difficult, too challenging and too tedious, and far out what does it even mean to wake up with joy to embrace your day –  that’s sign number one.

Number Two:  Is green my colour?

Your sitting at the desk, a mountain of work piling up.  But more important, should you wear that top to the dinner tonight?  The one you bought six weeks ago but haven’t dare worn yet.  We all know who will be there tonight, don’t we?  And what will she say?  ‘I think it’s so…brave…to wear green.’  The second sign that you are ready for a coach is when thoughts like this float around your head – I like to call that one procrastination and a whole load of wasted B.S – indecision and procrastination isn’t getting you anywhere girlfriend.

Number Three: Everything is getting on top of you

How many times have we all been there?  So many tasks, everybody demanding your time, nothing getting finished properly.  You need to prioritise.  That’s obvious, but how do you start? A coach can really help.

Number Four:  There isn’t enough time in the day

There never is.  Or is there?  What is needed in this situation is help with organising your time.  Guess who might provide that!

Number Five:  It is actually illegal to leave a bottle of wine unfinished.

It’s one of those laws that dates backs years, from when water was undrinkable so you had to have gin or wine instead.  Honestly, I read it online. Actually, where is the gin?  Hiding your troubles in the Pinot Grigio is a bad road to be taking.  You know what to do.

Number Six:  I really need time to get my head around this task, so I’ll start next week

Oh dear, if you honestly believe that, then it’s time to get your work in order.  We all want to put off the jobs, business or otherwise, that are not going to be much fun but there’s those that roll their sleeves up and those that don’t.  Sometimes, a bit of help can enable you to move from one category to the other.

Number Seven:  I’ve always had the qualities to be an outstanding archaeologist.

And there’ absolutely nothing wrong with that.  For those digging around looking for something to do, it’s a perfectly fine option.  Six months in the desert brushing s*** off a dinosaur bone…great.  But, are you actually going to do it or haven’t you already got a career?

Number Eight: I know what you want, and how to get it, but…I’m not really comfortable telling people what to do. 

The last thing you need is a motivational speaker roaring at you to seize the opportunity and kick ass.  It’s not in your personality, and it would be a shame if it was.   Once you have experienced coaching yourself then what you get is a whole lot more comfortable with yourself and the confidence to go out and get what you want.

Number Nine:  Philosophical Moment – is THIS what it’s all about?

Life.  Surely there’s more to it than this?  You’re having one of those moments that we all get, when it seems that you are missing something.  You just don’t know what.  The answer is in there, tucked away, you just need help getting it out.

Number Ten:  It’s time to expand.

And not just by opening a second box of chocolate.  Your business is doing well, it’s good fun and you sense it is ready to move to the next stage. Like a tourist lost in a city, you know where you want to go but not how to get there.   A coach can help there too.

I want to be really clear though on what a coach is.  A coach is not a psychologist/psychiatrist or counsellor.  How a coach can help you is get you in to direct action to move forward in to a life you actually want.  If sitting in the dirt and talking about all the shitty things that happened in your life then I am not your lady.  If you are a firecracker of a woman who is just a little stuck – maybe not so confident right now that you can actually achieve the life you want and want to have someone hold you accountable to create that life – then I am your lady!

If coaching sounds too frightening still then try my free resource here that might just get you closer to living the life you want.

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