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Take the pressure off…

Take the pressure off…

Do you remember back to the time when you thought you would start your business and be a successful entrepreneur?  It probably wasn’t long after you had read the four-hour week by Tim Ferriss or maybe you had even seen someone else earning this beautiful thing called passive income as they travelled the world and it all seemed so easy, you thought if they can do it I can do it.

You were sold on the lifestyle from the get-go.

You set about the learning and finding how you to could have this incredible business.  You fought through niches, discovered how to create a website and embraced the world of Canva like a pro.  You are even doing all the things that successful entrepreneurs do; you post on social media, you write blogs but something isn’t right because you don’t have what they have and if all seems so bloody hard.  In fact, the pressure to build your business is so hard you think you worry about whether it is even worth it.

That’s the thing about buying into lifestyle. Nobody ever tells you about the pressure that you might feel when you go about trying to achieve it.  They don’t tell you that you could easily lose sight of your dream to help others live their best life as you bow to pressure.  The thing about pressure is it entirely self-reliant and only you put the pressure on yourself nobody else does that… it’s all you.

We could argue that pressure was like stress, and that that it can be both good and bad – the yin the yang and all that BS.  We don’t need to wax lyrical on this though, I’m going to tell you right now that if you listen to the pressure you are feeling it could be the greatest gift you ever receive.

That pressure you are feeling is telling you that something is out of alignment folks and that you need to do everything you can to take the pressure off and get realigned because without it your business will likely tank or you are going to take some big hits to health or relationships and what’s the freeking point then?

I know that you had a dream to create a big beautiful business helping others and provide for your partner and/or family.

I know that this dream and the starting point of why can be easily forgotten because I forgot it myself.  

I allowed myself to filter my words to what I thought people wanted to hear,  I lost my way by getting caught up reading and listening to everybody else’s way.  I allowed people to criticise my style and who I was and tell me I had to do things another way.  I allowed people to take my confidence by jealousy and comparison.

The biggest calling card from me knowing that something had to change and that I needed to take the pressure off in business and life was how out of alignment I was with my core values through chasing the dream.  My body repeatedly gave me the messages through poor health when my ears didn’t want to hear.  So many entrepreneurs/coaches and creatives will lose their way and go through this and it can be a turning point – give up or reassess, realign and move forward.

I chose reassess, realign and move forward.

I chose to stop writing shit I didn’t want to write.

I chose to stop filtering who I am (I’m actually way funnier and cooler than I give myself credit for;)

I chose to not do any work that didn’t make me happy because its my business and I have that choice.

I chose to listen to my intuition in every sense and ask myself each time – is this in alignment with me or have I done this because I think that’s what I should do?

In short I chose to throw out all of the ‘shoulds’ and courses and just get about doing what feels right for me right now and let me tell you its so freaking powerful.  Within a week I had gone from stressed out to fully booked all from a re-asses and realignment .

I chose to make my business fun again instead of a pressure cooker and that’s what I think you should do too.

I’ve made this thing to help you get started if you need help on the assessing what you need to take the pressure off of so that you can re-align.

I’ll be super transparent and say you will need to leave an email address and that does mean you will get a newsletter from me from time to time if you want this free worksheet but you can unsubscribe at any time… because choices… I hope you do stay with me though and get started taking the pressure off in your business because I guarantee you – your business will thank you.


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