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Why stress ruins your business and life!

Why stress ruins your business and life!

Stress.  The new S word.  The business to run, the shopping to do, mum to ring.  Multi tasking mayhem.  And it doesn’t just make you snappy, unreasonable and difficult to live with.

It can cause way more problems than that.

Fun fact – Did you know that these days the concept of being an expert multi-tasker and working 60+hr weeks is actually not seen as a badge of honour anymore?

Stress can wreck your heart

Sex is a great way to destress, but the fact is, when your mind is in that condition, it removes the desire.

Stress can mangle your mouth

One of the ways that the body deals with stress is to act on your subconscious when you sleep.  This can lead to gnawing and clamping down on your teeth, resulting in fractures, wearing away of the enamel and damage to your jaw.

Stress can make you more likely to get sick

Believe it or not, stress can even damage our immune system.  As well as upping your spending on Kleenex, it can even lead to cancer.

Stress can make you fat

Stress and cortisols – if you don’t know what I am talking about – look at your mid section – chances are if its got a little extra love that’s your body trying to protect you from your own stress!

Stress Makes You Crazy

Long term, all sorts of mental health issues can be caused by stress – eating disorders, anxiety – it’s enough to get you worked up just thinking about it.  And like we pointed out at the beginning, it makes you wacky, unpredictable even (as hard as it might be to believe) hard to live with.

So, we all know the harm that stress brings, but too often we just think that we can cope.  And that we need to cope!

Do you know one thing that can instantly reduce your stress levels – apart from mass deleting every email in your inbox of course?  Gratitude… Expressing gratitude daily has been shown to massively reduce your stress levels…

So let me ask you how much is your stress worth and what are you accomplishing by having it?  If it has you by the balls and you can’t see a way out – maybe its time to talk?  – get in contact with me HERE and let’s schedule a call? –


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