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Six things every entrepreneur needs

Six things every entrepreneur needs

As entrepreneurs we can sometimes get a little lost on what we need on a day to day basis.  This article spells out the six things you need every day

1.  Every entrepreneur needs to know who they are and why they are doing this.

It is critical that if you are trying to succeed in your business that firstly you know who you are.

Don’t replicate. Don’t mimic. Don’t copy.

Don’t try to be someone else because the more you try to be like someone else, the more your own business is going down the gurgler.

Learn who you are.

Love and appreciate that person you are today, and know what is the reason you are doing this.

Why? Why do you want to be in this business? Know these two things and tick the box for an entrepreneur who is on the right path for daily success.  Don’t know it – go and figure it out before you advance to 2!


2.  Every entrepreneur needs accountability and support.

It is really, really challenging as an entrepreneur… You are working from home, you are doing everything.

You may have gone from working in a a corporate office where you were surrounded by people talking by the water cooler and all of a sudden it’s just you, and you’re responsible for getting your stuff done.  It can be tough once that initial glow has passed to stay motivated.

So, I would say to you that what you need is you need that accountability and support – almost as much as you need air and water.

Now whether that’s in the way of a coach or whether it’s in the way of just a friend, peer, mentor, or husband.

Whatever it may be, you need someone to hold you accountable and you need the support in your business day-to-day.  So please go and find that person… If it’s a coach you think you need – get in touch with me here


3. Every entrepreneur needs to know how to create automation.

You need to automate where possible.

If you do not start learning how to automate, you are going to drive yourself crazy.

What I mean by automate is start looking at the things that are regular recurring tasks that can be simplified and automated. These could be things like your social media. They could be your email responses. You may be able to set up canned emails that save you a ton of time. You may be able to set up work flows from inquiries from your website that go into a process that you don’t even have to touch them.

It may even be simple as automating your actual meals as well and doing meal, and having those things together so that you’re not having to do the same thing day in, day out.


4.  Every entrepreneur needs to know they are an asset and deserve to be invested in.

As an entrepreneur it is vital to ask that we continue our learning.

If we stop learning, we stop being able to give more back to our people and serve in a way that we want to because our brain has stopped the process, and we need to continue our learning and investing in ourselves to continue to be of service and value.

When I say investing in yourself, I don’t mean what’s wrong with you and that you need fixing.  I mean continuing to learn and read, whether it’s about your industry, whether it is about your personal growth. Invest the time in you.


5.  Every entrepreneur needs to just go and freaking do it

So go and get it done.

Stop procrastinating.

Set a freaking schedule and stick to it.

If you know what you need to get done in a week, plan your week on Sunday, schedule it into your diary and do it.

Stop wasting time now.


6. Every entrepreneur needs to have fun.

It is way too easy to get caught not having any fun because you’re so busy trying to think you need to do everything, but you forget that you actually, have only got one life. We’re only here for a short period of time. You need to have fun.

So, how can you inject a little bit of fun in your day when you work at home by yourself? You can do what I do and get yourself a little rebounder in your office and have a little mini-trampoline every 25 minutes.  I also create a playlist which is called my hassle free zone playlist (find it on spotify here), and I have a little dance-off in the morning before I come into the office and do my thing.

The point is you’ve got to have fun, you’ve got to have a laugh in your day. Without that, where is the joy?

Is there anything else you need in your day?   I’d love to hear your thoughts below?

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