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Seven Ways To Make Facebook Groups Work For You and Your Business

Seven Ways To Make Facebook Groups Work For You and Your Business

7 Ways to Make Facebook Groups Work for You and Your Business

What are Facebook Groups – where have you been?  If you do anything along the lines of building your business in the online “space” these days and you are encouraged to find your people.  You often ask – how the f’ck do I find my people?  Put a massive call out with – are you my person and end up sounding like a sad case of Meredith Grey??


No, they tell you to look where they hang out and you will always be able to find them through Facebook Groups.  What…


100% of one of my businesses has been built with yes quite a lot of my experience and skill but from a marketing point of view – Facebook Groups.  But there is a dark side to Facebook Groups which is not for the fainthearted which I want to talk about.


You need to know how to make Facebook Groups work for you and your business so that you don’t end up just stuck in a bad teenage school movie.

Women can be bitchy, nasty and outright cruel at times with a little bit of passive aggressive all mixed in together which is generally all based on their own ego and they sometimes forget the old adage of it’s kinder to say nothing do just that.  Last week I watched a friend in a group I am apart of get absolutely codwalloped in there because she had the audacity to ask for constructive feedback.  And a few things happened here but mostly a whole lot of claws and a whole lot less constructive feedback.


These women are the women who believe in the word #hustle and believe that belittling others is okay.  And it made me sick.  Sick that I didn’t want to speak up for this girl but also for the mere point of not wanting to be involved in the drama of it all.  AND sick that grown women are still behaving like they are the starring role in Gossip Girl.  This shit just aint cool anymore ladies.


What makes me sadder though is this girl is young, bright and smart but not capable of handling this kind of nasty criticism with a brush off.  It deeply upset her.  Her response – delete the post and get out of the group.


A group very much promoting that it supports women in business.


I applaud her for removing herself from a situation that was upsetting her so but the tragedy is this group could have actually helped her business if she knew the boundaries – which is still even sadder because all she did was be herself…

So what I wish I had told her was this before she joined this group…


These women are the women who believe in the word #hustle and believe that belittling others is okay. Click to Tweet
1:  Asking for advice

Be sure of what you are asking for:  Open ended advice questions is likely to lead in answers you don’t want to hear.  Be clear about what you are asking for and specific.  Ie: Hi Ladies, I have just spent some time crafting my services page.  I would love you to take a look at it and let me know if you feel the language is right for my ICA who is a 20 soomething IT girl.

2: These people are not your friends

You don’t know these people.  Do not get caught up in their opinions as what makes them any more of an expert than you

3: Provide value in the group

When I say value I mean, try to just comment on a couple of posts a day making genuine connections to a question with wanting nothing in return.

4: Do not take over the group

Posting multiple times a day to be heard screams salesy and very much too much – almost like the ads on tv selling product. Don’t  be desperate lovely and don’t spam the group – its just not cool.

5: If it has an icky feel to it

Follow your intuition and get the hell out of dodge

6: You can find business and connection with people outside of Facebook

It’s crazy but true – try signing up for a couple of business network meetings each month and you will be surprised the amount of connection you make

7: Why are you asking?

Are you asking for support, encouragement, validation or to push a sale?  Know why you are asking so you know what outcome you are desiring.  I would suggest that a lot of these groups are filled with ego and are almost certainly serving the purpose of making many budding entrepreneurs more overwhelmed than supported.  So think about it.  Do you need support or encouragement from people you don’t know or people you do know?  Do you need it from yourself most importantly.


Take the time to know what your business is first and foremost and to know who you are and what you want.  Sometimes a digital detox is the most important thing for you as well because girlfriend sometimes the only reason this world seems noisy is we are all contributing to it in a way that isn’t good for anyone?



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