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The easiest way to actually like setting goals

The easiest way to actually like setting goals

Setting goals, resolutions or Intentions whichever way you put it I am seeing a whole lot of New Year, new me… lose weight, plan your 2018 business goals…it’s everywhere at the moment – am I right?


And the chatter and comparison of other peoples goals can be stressful and the fun of dreaming up and setting goals about what you want gets lost…


If you are in the 50% of population who set a goal/resolution for NY you may be loaded up but here’s the thing I want you to ask… Is that goal you set because you should do it or because you want to?


I’ll give you an example: In your business you may have a goal to go to 2 networking events per month because someone told you that was a great way to meet people and you should do this to get more clients.  But the thing is… you hate going to networking events and the sparkly personality you are somehow goes walkabout and you are a closer resemblance to oscar the grouch – which in turn ends up as an epic fail.


I’m not saying going to 2 networking events is a bad idea…not at all… but what I am saying is if you set a goal, create an intention you have to want it.  


Do you see where I am going with this?


There is absolutely NO WAY you are going to go to those networking events if in your head you are dreading them, and, on the off chance you do – it’s likely not going to be pretty.


So what can you do?


The easy way to setting goals or intentions is to set goals that you actually want to do… if networking isn’t your thing find another way you can do the whole thing without the overwhelm… The whole point is when you set a goal you have to really know why you want to achieve it.


So if you are still with me and you still have this goal of doing something that someone told you that you should do be it in your business or personal life and you want more ease in setting goals – it may add to the process but ask… what would be the benefits of you achieving this goal?  What would be the direct result?  And how much are you invested in this outcome?


You see setting goals doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be a failure.  The easiest way and the way to garner success is you just have to be 100% clear on why you are setting the goal and how much you are invested in the outcome – what you are prepared to do to make it happen.  

If you aren’t invested and are prepared to do very little – likely the goal isn’t fun and you are going to bomb out complaining about how goals never work.


So please make it your aim in setting goals or resolutions or even your intentions to ask is this what you really want?  I guarantee if you do the work in answering those questions the goal setting process and outcomes will be a whole lot more fun!


Want some help setting goals?  I can help you create goals that give you a life and business with a whole lot of ease and less stress – HOW??  Book in a free call HERE.


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