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Is it possible to achieve balance?

Is it possible to achieve balance?

It’s tough, isn’t it, when you’re a busy entrepreneur and you are juggling business, you are juggling clients, you are juggling life, you are juggling new leads, you are juggling family and then somebody tells you, “You’ve got to make time for you, because you need to have balance in your life”?  I bet it’s got you wondering, “Is it even possible to have balance in your life when you’re trying to have a business as well?”

How can you actually achieve balance while building a business?


I recently read a article, as well as a book, which covered a little interesting topic, which I’ll touch on briefly here. The newsletter was from a mentor of mine, whose name is Naomi Arnold.  She was talking about a concept called “Binary thinking” and unfortunately I can’t link to it as it was a newsletter but her blog shared where you can read more of her thought provoking posts if you feel called.   Back to it though…at first, I thought she was talking about Bitcoin until I realised that, no, actually there’s a reason I call her a mentor because she introduces these different thoughts ha.  Then a couple of days later, a different book came up about the topic as well through another mentor called Natalie MacNeil.


Now, the concepts of what they were saying, really appealed to me and I guess in some ways it’s what I’ve began to teach at any rate, and that is that perhaps the balance will never actually be equal.

If we look at how I work, and that is within your business and life, imagine they were a set of scales. Now, would it be possible to ever the scales at a equilibrium? I don’t necessarily think it would because then we don’t get that yin and yang or the light and shade if I was to go completely life coachey on you.  You see I believe we need the dark and the light.  Only last year I was overbalancing on the life side in an attempt to make up for the business being my main focus for so long but then I realised I needed both to be more rounded.  You see what is possible is for you to have one week where the business might be outweighing the life, but the next week to balance that back. That all comes down to how you feel and how you personally work.

No one can actually tell you exactly how you should achieve the perfect mix, but I think the most critical thing is that you recognise that for your life and for you to actually have that whole equilibrium, life isn’t just about business.

We need to make sure that we prioritise bits and pieces and we check in with ourselves in terms of how we’re feeling.


One way that we can do that is, we can create a schedule. I teach my clients to create schedules that are colour coded so they can at a glimpse see exactly where their balance is.  If it’s outweighed on business one week, we might talk the next week about how we can inject a little bit more fun and a little bit more life into that schedule. That will then re-invigorate and give them that energy to keep going.

It’s this ebb and flow process of one week it’s this and one week it’s the other, but it gives you what your body and mind needs.


What’s the way we can come to that conclusion about balance?  How can we get that space or mindset to be able to really intelligently and emotionally look at how we’re living our schedules and to feel whether they’re out of balance. I truly believe to do that, we actually still need to actually schedule time for ourselves.

If you are a person who wakes up and goes straight into your emails, your phones, put that sh%t down right now. It is time to stop doing that. It is time to actually take five, ten minutes, stop, go to a quiet space, listen and listen to how you feel. It is no good operating on auto-pilot, because you’re aren’t going to get anywhere with that. You’re not going to achieve what you want to achieve. You are just going to get cranky.

I would really encourage you, as a daily practice, to actually sit down and work out what is it you need today. How do you feel? Check in. Ask yourself these questions. I start my day with a 10km walk now because that is what I need to then go back and do my work. I don’t waste time throughout the day, because I’ve got this extra energy from doing this walk in the morning.


Is it possible to achieve balance?

Potentially not, but I tell you what, I have a damn good crack at it and I certainly feel a lot happier by implementing these practices of checking in with myself, looking at my colour coded calendar, knowing when I’ve been too overloaded that it’s time to take a stop and pause even if I think I can’t. That is probably THE time that I need to do that.


If you feel like your life is a little bit out of balance right now, it is the time for you to sit down and work out where is it out of balance, why is it out of balance and what do you need to just inject a little flavour back into it so you can get back.

It might be actually be that you feel life is, at the moment, too much about the school runs and too much about balancing the home. You’re not getting the time to do your business stuff because you’ve got 20 kids hanging off your shoulders. Now is the time to figure out what do you need to create a solution there so that you can give yourself a little bit of space elsewhere.


If this is something that you really struggle with, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. And know…helping women entrepreneurs find balance is what I do, so please reach out if you need help figuring out how to live a perfectly balanced/imbalanced life 😉

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