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What living through a Category 5 tropical cyclone taught me…

What living through a Category 5 tropical cyclone taught me…

Today I wanted to share a personal story, and one to be honest that I’ve been wondering whether I should even write its seemingly that personal… and I don’t like to talk about it too much anymore… this is it.

Picture this, for one week you have known there is a cyclone going to cross over the top of your home and your workplace.  People tell you it won’t be bad.  They tell you that you should plan to evacuate your guests and you should then move to figuring out a plan for your staff…but guess what they were wrong.


It is bad.

And this is before the cyclone even arrived.


When the cyclone comes you are hidden in a bathroom with your room taking in water, your colleague sitting against a door in the hope that it will hold the door up all the while you hear metal railings flying off from the room above you and what sounds like a 747 going over your head and you wonder how long this can go on.

And it goes on and on.


I lived through the reality of people being excited about not working and how cool a cyclone was to the very harsh reality of waking up and realising there would be no job and with no building undamaged even some demolished how very f*cking lucky you are to be alive.  I lived through a week of being in an environment with 20 other men and no running water, no power other than that from a generator and no ability to leave.


What I learned:


  1. When in situations where there is a lot going on – look at the bigger goals you are trying to accomplish and then work backwards to break it down and delegate like a master – you cannot do everything.
  2. When people are in true fear of their life – interesting things will happen.  Nice becomes mean and so on – but always stay honest.  Know that you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud of your actions – stand up for what you believe in and never let anyone walk over you just to avoid a confrontation.  Some confrontations are necessary.
  3. It will change you…
  4. The aftermath of a massive event like this people behave out of character and they do shit they will regret – Forgiveness is a tool to learn and practice every day for everybody has different shoes and different thoughts.
  5. I will always revert to making jokes in the face of adversity and high stress levels to ease other people’s fear
  6. I will not live on a remote island when a cyclone is coming my way 😉
  7. Chanel no 5 can change you from feeling like a dirty grub to audrey hepburn in moments – thank you Chanel
  8. Practical manual labour is actually very good for de-stressing


Without that cyclone I probably would have still thought working 60+ hour weeks for someone else was fine and I would never have had the emotional intelligence or balls to start creating the life and business of freedom that I have today.

Things will always happen outside of your control whether its a cyclone, grumpy child, checkout chick going slower than you would like and sometimes its not karma, it’s not the universe hurting you.  It is just life.

If stress and negativity is overloading your brain then right now – right a list of whats bugging you.  All of the stresses/traumas.  What could you have done to change them… 9/10 there is very little that can be done in the retrospective…

What you can do is create the future you want and live and be the person you want to be. 


Do it now.

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