What to expect when you choose to Live More and Hustle Less

  • Networking + Connections This is a group for smart ambitious women who don't want to hustle or talk about their cycles (we respect those who do - it's just not our jam) to become succesful. It's the place to find a biz bestie - the entrepeneur world can be pretty damn lonely at times and we all need a online bestie who just gets it. We encourage members to share their sucesses and celebrate the joy of genuine connection.  
  • Actionable tips Nobody knows everything so get ready to enjoy some juicy takeaways and learnings to help you create or build a business that allows you the freedom of a lifestyle. 
  • Member trainings From time to time we invite guest experts in both the business and mindset/lifestyle land to come and do Facebook Lives in the group for you. 
  • Promotion and Spam Free We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. No self-promotion, selling or affiliate links are allowed - this includes quote images thinly masked as promo! Members who violate this policy are removed immediately without warning.
  • Stress, Negativity and Judgement Free Zone We don't do ranting, bitching, victim or constant complaint posts otherwise known as BS excuses. Whinging, wining or judgement are also out- as is shaming of any person. This is a safe space to ask business and lifestyle questions and get genuine support.
  • Happiness to have found your people Share your aha moments or success around your business and lifestyle goals (especially when it helps everyone) and know that we are all genuinely happy for you. 

Why this group?

This group has been started with a genuine desire to find like-minded peeps who are sick and tired of groups with constant promo's and "helpful" posts shaming other members or promoting themselves.  

 As an online entrepreneur it can be super tiring to be in every single group and connecting, answering the threads and promoting.  

So tiring we are over it.  

We want to talk and share mindset and business tips that helps us continue to grow and we want to do it without the BS.  

We want to inspire, not trigger or overwhelm.  

This is an active experiment and at this time there will be no set threads/days for posting for the very reason we want to encourage a more coffee shop catch up environment rather than a forced conversation and we want our community to do the same. 

“Melanie’s focus, drive and laughter is contagious. She has this special talent of being a ‘straight shooter’ while still being playful, supportive and fun 


What else will you get?

In addition to joining a community who are passionate about creating a business that allows them to live more and hustle less, you are also going to get my  

 Instant Sanity Saver - a guide to take you from overwhelm to action in less than 7 minutes!


No Selling or Promotions There are other groups for that and this one is not it. This is a group for people who want to form genuine connections and have virtual coffee dates without stress. So a NOO NOO for posting includes links to your website, blog, store, webinar or event, free or paid. This also includes sharing or re-sharing branded images and/or posts from other pages. No asking for sales, PMs, or for other members to contact you for more information about selling. Don't post a link sharing thread - it just get's bogged and overwhelming - This means any form of “comment with your email address to hear about ____” or “leave your social media handle below so I can follow you” or “email me if you want to guest post on my blog or collaborate”. From time to time we will provide threads for these very posts.

Be Kind, Respectful, and Helpful Be a nice person and come from a place of giving and not getting. We do not tolerate rudeness, shaming or bullying of any from. Posts will be deleted that violate this and members removed. 

Share Share your successes, tips, tricks and favorite resources. We want to help you celebrate and create opportunities for you to share your expertise. P.S. Direct promo links are not allowed (ever). IF your thing is the solution to someone's questions sum it up and then offer to provide the link if that person says okay.  

Only Admins or approved guests can go LIVE, any LIVE videos that haven't gotten approval will be deleted.  

 We reserve the right to delete and remove and post and/or person without notice.

Are you ready to join?

About Melanie

Melanie is an internationally certified Business and Lifestyle coach who works with ambitious women to help them create a life and business without chaos (aka stress), hustle, comparison and fear.  

She helps women create balanced, purposeful strategies to achieve their goals with a less is more approach. We calm the ego that wants to compare and judge so that everything we do is focussed on our goals and achievements rather than that of others. (Yes girlfriend, I see you silently stalking that Instagram account overthinking and obsessing!)  

I believe that every woman deserves to be happy, free from ugly stress and is capable of building a business without hustling like a mofo!  

My mission is to for you to do just that… to create or build your business that allows you the freedom of a lifestyle. I want you to understand that adversity and challenges will come in many different ways but with great support and the right mindset it wont stop you from achieving your goals with ease and grace.  

I dream of a time where women stop judging themselves and realise that this life we have right now is a one-shot so we may as well make it fun.  

I work with women on a personalised one on one basis as well as through mastermind groups (invitation only). Every woman I’ve worked with has experienced huge shifts in her mindset, life and business (they’ve even figured out how to get a little bit more organised and systemised!!!), you can read more about how to work with me - here

Sharing and inspiring others to dream big, live a life full of joy and without stress is at the heart of everything I do – look out for a future book…  

Life Coach