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Knowing Your ideal client – it doesn’t have to be hard…

Knowing Your ideal client – it doesn’t have to be hard…

Oh the fun of the ideal client exercise!  The first time I did this exercise it was a little like…why…. Why do I need to make up an imaginary person in my head to have a successful business?

I didn’t know who my ideal client was because and no sooner was I looking at Pinterest pictures of women that didn’t fit my mould was the next thing thrown upon me and that was narrow my niche… overwhelmed much?

The thing is I was like a lot of people I think when starting a business, you have big dreams and you want to help everybody and you want to make an amazing income and narrowing that down and having imaginary conversations with your ideal client just didn’t click for me.

You see I know you want to help everyone – so why should you narrow down to one ideal client?

Here’s the thing – I still find the exercises annoying… Brutally annoying but now I actually get why they are there and see the purpose.  

Let’s imagine Jane and she has a business and she is so passionate about creating her freedom lifestyle and helping others.  You see she want’s to help mum’s get organised , she wants to help 20 something’s get fit, she also really likes traveling and adventure and she wants other people to see this is possible too and she really likes showing older people how much they can still have adventure past the retirement age.

Jane thinks that all of these are her ideal client.

Don’t be like Jane.

Jane is an over the top example that I am sharing but what I want you to see is all the different personalities Jane is trying to talk to.  One minute the 20 something is tuned in and the next minute Jane is showing pic’s of people with grey hair… good bye to the 20 something…

You see when we narrow it down to one personality type who has one problem to solve particularly when we are new we make it so much easier for people to connect with us and buy our product.

Your ideal client isn’t hiding…they are closer than you think

And here’s my advice on your ideal client that I wish someone had spelled out for me a whole lot clearer.  It’s similar to my thoughts on niche that you can read here…but your ideal client is you. To be more specific they are going through a problem you once had and you have solved.

You can also think about that favourite client you have – but here’s the think…like attracts like so its entirely possible that favourite client of yours is a favourite because you see yourself in them – self obsessed I know but it’s true.

So ask yourself these questions to get started with bringing your ideal client out of you;

  • What have been the biggest challenges I have overcome?
  • How old was I when I had these?
  • What do I like doing in my free time

That’s the thing about starting a business, it doesn’t have to be mind-blowingly hard, it doesn’t have to be overthought. Nine times out of ten if you choose to keep it simple and what YOU know you are on the right path.

I believe you have something to give and your ideal client is out there waiting for you… if you want more help on finding your ideal client – download my free worksheet here

For those of you wondering – my ideal client is YOU… You who are here reading this because you need it.  My ideal client is a female entrepreneur in the coaching/creative space who dreams of having a business and life she loves.  The thing is she is so damn overwhelmed about all of these things she is supposed to do and know that she is spinning her wheels in the land of procrastination and not moving forward.  She lives, dreams and breathes HOW…How can I do this, How can I do this better, How can I get more clients, How can I be successful and it is exhausting! That’s where i come in to help my ideal client – you see I simplify and move her out of that whole procrastination and right into logical simplified action – she pays me for my brains and to save her all the time of wheel spinning because you see – my client knows she wants to create change and get there fast and she knows I can help her do that.  If any of that sounds like you – book in for a free chat and explore with me further how I can help you…

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