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How to…get it done…

How to…get it done…

Get it done – It’s a common theme I feel for so many entrepreneurs in business… there is soooo much to do and when you are a one woman band quite often you are doing it all yourself… and sometimes you just aren’t!  And the theme then becomes more about how do I get it all done!


So this blog is for you if you need help on getting from the to do list to the done list.  


First step… let’s break down the key elements most businesses need to be on the ground with:







What I like to do from here is then break down each element to what needs to happen within them for me to have fulfilled the get it done factor. Let’s look at marketing for an example


Marketing…what comprises in this field?  What do you need to do to get it done? I’ve included some ideas below…


  • Website – copy review/blogs
  • Social Media
  • Opt-in’s
  • Live Facebook promo
  • Actively involve and engage in the conversation online


Now ask yourself – how often do you need to do these?  

  • How many blogs will you post per month
  • how often do you need to post Social Media to get it done?   
  • How many opt-in’s do you need to create each year in order for you to promote?
  • How many facebook lives will you do per month
  • How often will you join the online conversation


From here we should have a clear idea on what you need to produce each month to get it done.  


What’s next from here….


You make a plan and you get it done.


The thing I see with a lot of women in business is the missing ingredient is simply the plan… they know they need to do it but they fail to plan when they are going to do it.  And then it just goes to be a constant cycle of not getting it done backed up with a bit of overwhelm and self criticism about not getting it done!


So go through each of these elements and add more if you can think of and breakdown each step in terms of what you need to achieve to get it done.  


The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to make use of the concept batching, particularly with your marketing efforts – set aside one day a week where you focus/plan your marketing.  It’s a lot easier to write in succession once per month than to try and squeeze it in each week…

Want to know how I plan my content?  Check out this free blog planner that will save you hours of time I promise…

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