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How to be more organised in your life

How to be more organised in your life

Is your life feeling so out of control, not organised, and you are stuck in overwhelm, you are stressed to the hilt, because you know you have all of this stuff to do and you’ve got no idea how to do it?


And so, a solution, get yourself organised.


It’s not hard. It is really not hard to do. Today, I’m going to teach you how to do it and to help you actually get more organised, which will ultimately reduce a little bit of stress.

The first thing we need to do is to write it down

Get organised by writing down every single thing on your list that you have to do. EVERY single thing going on in your brain, brain dump it down onto a piece of paper so you know what needs to be done.

Whether it’s business, personal, write it down.

Next, we need to go about setting deadlines and schedules, as to when those things are going to have to happen.

So, put a date next to everything you’ve written down of when it needs to be done by.

Then, what I want you to do is go and use a program like Asana and schedule it using the deadlines you have given yourself.

Schedule it in so you’ve got everything that needs to be done, projects, tasks, put it into Asana.

If you don’t know how to use Asana, leave a comment below or get in touch. I’ve got a great little resource that I can send you on how to use Asana, to get some benefits, so that you know how to use it properly, and make it happen.  Say goodbye to procrastination now

Use Asana to guide you on what you have to do each and every day.

Rather than waking up the day and going, “What do I need to do?” You’ve now got a schedule and you’ve got deadlines, and the best thing is, you set them. You created these. Nobody else. Gone is the need for overwhelm, because you know exactly what you need to do.


Do it now

Ten points if you said that in Arnie Schwarzenegger voice.

Do those tasks now.

When it comes up each day that you’ve got three things to do, do them.

Don’t put them off because you don’t actually want to do them, and if that is the case that you don’t want to do them, I would ask yourself –  why don’t you want to do it? and do you actually need to do it?  Will it affect anyone if you don’t do it?

If you actually do kind of need to do this, but the thought of doing it is like plucking the hairs from your legs one by one, it’s time to outsource that shit. So, give it to someone else to do if it is really causing you a whole lot of procrastination.

Okay, so do it. Do it now.


Get rid of your clutter

All right. organised, so the next thing you can do to be more organised in your everyday life is get rid of your clutter.

Get rid of the shit that is clogging up your desk, that is clogging up your wardrobe, that is clogging up your drawers, that is clogging up your life. File it. Do the filing, put your paperwork away. Know when it comes to tax time where all of your stuff is.

Make sure that when you open a cupboard you’re not frightened about what’s inside in it. And if that’s something you need to deal with, schedule it in that little Asana program, a time for you to go and deal with it, and manage this over a reasonable period. If you just have to do one bedroom at a time, do it.



We need to automate wherever is possible. So, if you can automate your bill paying, if you can automate your meals.

For example, I don’t know cook every night of the week, but I eat a home cooked meal every night of the week. How do I do that? Because I bulk cook.  At any one time you can open my freezer and I have four different types of meals in there that can all be mixed up and changed around, so that it may be served as one meal one night, and a different meal the next night. They’re labeled, they’re dated, it’s super easy to do, and it will change your life. If just once a week, you set a meal plan for what you’re doing, and eating for the week and then do a pre-cook up on a Sunday bulk cooking as much as possible not only will it save you time but it will also save you cash.  Make it happen.

My tips though – don’t throw in too many new recipes that will cause you chaos. Stick to your favourites and try to see if you can cook a little more at dinner that could then double as lunch the next day? That can be done for the kids as well. Things can be switched around a little bit so they can take it to lunch, or do whatever they need to.


Get up early

Shut the door did I really just say to be more more organised you need to get up early?  YES I DID!

Don’t sit there and be that person who says you don’t have time to be more organised, because there is nothing more consistent in life than time. Time is the one thing that will stay consistent. You will always have time. It is how you choose to use your time.

So, I say to you that yes, it may be hard to wake up early at first, because you’re friggin’ tired, and you need to sleep, and you want to sleep, but do it.

Just try it.

Wake up earlier, whether it’s half an hour early, an hour earlier, and actually have a little bit of you time. Now, when I say me time, if that means doing a meditation, if that means going for a walk.

I like to walk 10km in the morning (inspired by one of my good friends Meg), because I know for the rest of the day that I’m going to be sitting on my ass at a computer, doing work, taking phone calls, and I’m not going to get that movement in my day, because my job isn’t an active job.  So for me – no brainer now, I get up at quarter to five, and I make sure that I can get that movement into my day, before the rest of the day goes crazy.

And so, if I can do it, you can do it, and as I heard this morning, if they put man on the moon, you can get up an hour earlier if you need to.


Take care of you

Lastly, to be more organised in your life and it slightly compliments into our last tip, you need to take care of you.

A big part of being organised is actually being in the right mindset to be organised, and to get yourself in the right mindset to be organised, you do need to take care of you.

You need to take care of you by putting nourishing foods into your body, making sure that you’ve got the right meals to eat, so that it takes away that pain, and that is caring. Caring about yourself, caring about having an evening shower, bath, whatever it is. Rub moisturiser on yourself. Set your diffuser each day with your essential oils. Do what you need to do to take care of you.

Know when your body needs you to rest, and give it that.

Know when your body needs you, because let me tell you, if you’re down, firstly, there is no sick pay in the world of the entrepreneur.

And the biggest thing I can tell you is that you don’t have a business if you don’t have you.

You are your business, and it is time for you to take care of you, and in doing that, one, good for business, two, good for the brain, three, good for the brain to get you into this state where you are ready to create organisation.

If you need help with this whole concept and getting organised – it’s what I do.  I help you untangle everything, get a plan and support you to make it happen – find out more about that here.

What else do you do to stay organised and focused as an entrepreneur? – leave a comment below

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