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Are goals really important?

Are goals really important?

Are goals really important??  

Well it depends… it depends what you want from life?  If you have everything you need and you crave nothing more in your life other than exactly what you have right now then I would say no for you goals may not be really important – living and thriving in your life may be more the ticket for you.


To me goals are massively important… in my early 20’s I was a regular goal setter, and vision boarder and things were really happening in the areas that I set my attention to and then… I dropped the ball massively.  I stopped craving for more in my life and I just simply went with the flow and accepted what came at me… if you have been around for a while or know me personally A LOT came at me.


The moment I decided that I was setting goals again was the moment I took recharge of my life and was able to say to the world THIS IS WHAT I WANT.


You see it’s the very commitment to your hopes and dreams that is setting a goal – it’s like you are actually saying YOU ARE IMPORTANT…


Want to know how I set my goals and figure it all out?


I break my life down into themes and elements – you may notice this is a real theme for me but more on that later… So I break my life down into areas such as Business, Money, Health, Big Fat Dreams, Travel and Lifestyle.


Then within each goal area I ask myself the question of what do I want to achieve within it for this year…


I literally brain dump as much verbal crazy ideas as I can down on the paper and from there I pick the 3 that I am most passionate about to work on right now.

And do you want to know what’s next?  You guessed it – I break it down again.


So if my goal is to lose 20kg this year, I break down how am I going to do it.  What steps do I have to go through to achieve that goal.  In this instance it may look like this;

  • Plan healthy meals to cook up on a Sunday so I have always got something ready
  • Book in to see a trainer 2 x per week
  • 10,000 steps daily


I might even set goals on the time frame break down ie: if I want to lose 20kg in one year that means 5kg every three months – is that achievable and has my plan above supported it?

So let’s go back to the original question – are goals really important?  For me without a goal like the one above I would simply be cruising through with no plan or focus so YES Goals are important and as you can see above I feel that to achieve your goals you need support a lot of the time to make it happen.

If you are like me and think goals are important – let’s book in a free discovery call HERE where we can talk a little more about how I can support you to make your business and life the one you love!

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