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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to niche…

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to niche…

Ahhh the niche, it’s like the bane of every new service based business… When you are first learning about this whole online world or hell you may have even been in it for a while with minimal successes people tell you about niching.

I myself remember a call with one of my ever-patient mentors when I was starting out  – Jessica Nazarali – trying to get to the bottom of it – I’m sorry Jess!  I remember endless conversations about it with peers and more and more conversations about it, my head was literally going round and round with the importance of niching but having no idea wtf was my actual niche.

I had so many ideas and so many things I knew I could share and picking one seemed too hard – it was like I wanted to be open to everything and not shut anyone out.    

I was partially scared to niche as well because I wasn’t even entirely clear… and that’s the thing, when you are new it is tough to niche because you are figuring out who you actually like working with.

After talking with a client over the weekend I have realised this feeling I had isn’t uncommon for newbies or those who keep struggling to get the success they yearn for.   I have a lot of things I can do and like to do.  I like shopping and styling for one but it’s not my business, I equally find joy with travel and healthy choices – but it’s not my business (probably because I also like champagne equally as much as I like healthy choices).

Having a niche is so important to make a clear consistent message to your audience.

If one minute I’m talking about business and the next minute I’m telling you about where to get the latest fashion – we are totally going to have a disconnect because you don’t care about that.  I’d like to think though that by now you are reading this because you do care about what I have to say in the way of business, solving problems and moving forward…

Back to the point of this tale…on the topic of mastering your niche I was given some great advice by another mentor – Selena Soo – and put simply she said: “are people in your niche prepared to pay for your service?”  So simple.  We have a tendency as women to overcomplicate things and think too hard.

“are people in your niche prepared to pay for your service?” Click to Tweet

Having now worked it out taking Selena’s advice in mind, I started back at the beginning and that’s where I encourage you to do as well.

What I see now in my “niche” is me.

I looked back at exactly what my problems were when starting out and zoned in on that…and funnily enough, when I talk to more and more of my peers it all comes out the same.  When we look at who our Ideal Client is, it’s us 5-10 years ago.  A good friend of mine who is a coach in the rest and renewal area focusses in that area due to her own burnout and recovery, another friend focusses on health because she saw the benefits after she got her own shit together on the health front.

Niching does not have to be complicated but I will say one thing it is critical.  Avoiding niching because you don’t want to miss out on that person is silly because if you keep it so broad they ain’t ever going to find you…

Fine tune your message and you will be blown away by finding the people who need you… don’t be afraid…So who were you 5-10 years ago?  What were you struggling with that you can now help someone with?

Let me know if the niche convo is one of your bugbears as well and something you are struggling with.

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