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What To Do When Everyone Thinks You Are A Bitch

What To Do When Everyone Thinks You Are A Bitch

Have you ever had that moment?  Has it happened to you where you just know that you have said something and it’s been taken the wrong way.  Or perhaps you might have have that awful known condition of resting bitch face that kind of led people to think you were thinking some not very nice thoughts.

I know you are not a bitch and I know you care.

As long as I have known at some stage or another someone in my life has misinterpreted me.  I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me still when it happens but what I have figured out is.  I also am not responsible for their thoughts, I can only control mine.  I do not waste my time now trying to explain who I am to ANYONE who has preconceived ideas or is just 100% committed to misunderstanding me.

So here’s what to do:

  1. Ask yourself honestly – were you a bitch?  Did you act/do/say something in haste?
  2. Think about the law of attraction.  Did you think this person wouldn’t like you?  I’m telling you this stuff is real.  Any situation you go in to thinking its going to be bad or someone wont like you for being you 100% they wont.
  3. Are you in alignment?
  4. Calm your farm – diffuse some oils woman and breathe calm thoughts
  5. Talk to the person.  Have an honest conversation and admit your fault/err if there was one and explain/apologise for the misunderstanding.  Express your needs as well.
  6. Practice patience
  7. Start your day with an intention of how you want the day to unfold – it helps trust me.
  8. Inject a little feminine in to your day.  You are a strong woman and you probably lead with a little more masculine than you realise – try to infuse the softness.

Strong women are quite often misread as being bossy, bitches or just outright patronising.  It can be frustrating, demoralising and upsetting when this card is thrown your way.  Rise above it and be the wonder woman you know you are meant to be.

When all else fails use the analogy that you are in fact quite like a red wine and you do tend to grow on people.  Once they have tried you a few times – they love you and cant get enough of you!

Are you totally sick of it and ready to feel like the confident woman I know you are?  IE: not worry about what others think because you hold yourself strong and are proud of who you are?  YES – then let’s talk – schedule a obligation free chat with me – I can help!

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