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Busy Mum’s Guide to Quickly Finding a Profitable Niche

Busy Mum’s Guide to Quickly Finding a Profitable Niche

Finding your niche…Has somebody told you that in order to succeed in your business, you need to have niche?

And, they’ve told you all the ways to find your niche and yet, you’re still struggling.

If you’re anything like most people, this whole niche conversation is probably one of the hardest things that you’ll come to. Some people just get it straight away and most others, don’t.

So firstly, I want to tell you why finding a niche is kind of, important.


I see and talk to a lot of people, who are wondering why they are struggling with engagement and why isn’t anyone talking to them. When I take a look at their pages on social media it’s because they’re talking to about a million different people.

One day they’re talking a mum. The next day they might be talking to a fitness guy. The day after that, they’re talking to a home baker. The day after that, they’re talking to a party girl who’s recovering from her champagne. They are talking to 20 different people and they don’t know why they’re talking to them or what they can actually provide them.

If you’re talking to 1,000 different people, of all different interests, how hard do you think that is, for them to actually hear you and find your little business? Whereas; if you were just focused on talking to one specific type of person, wouldn’t you be able to provide so much more content.

So much more inspiration.

So much more information that would actually help those people and serve a real purpose.

That’s the best example of why you actually need a niche.

Now, here’s the thing I’m going to help you to find your niche.

You see, I did all of the exercises too and nothing was coming up. And I mean, I’m talking over two years, three years or more. Trying to figure out and find what was my niche – it was beginning to become like finding the golden ticket in Willy Wonka. And it kept changing like quicker than a 14 year old school girl changes. And then eventually, I got to the point where, I found my golden ticket and I finally knew what my niche was.  After popping the champagne that I had actually nailed the long alluded niche I sat down and looked at my niche from outsude and thought. “My God, I wish someone had told me this earlier.”

Do you know what the secret it?

The secret of you finding your niche, or your target market if you like is, is for you to actually, sit down and ask yourself. “Who are you?” Who are you and what is the biggest sh*t fight you have dealt with in your life?

So for me, I deal a lot and I talk a lot to people about having a life and a business without stress because, I flippin’ nearly burnt myself out being a stress head. I’ve pretty well ruined my adrenals and I’ve given myself an autoimmune disease from being stressed.  So for me, the passion is quite clear.

I don’t want that for anyone else.

It is absolutely shit to live, stressed.

You miss out on so much of life.

So you can hear, that for me was the biggest pain point or my big moment of shit.  This isn’t how I want to live.


This is why I want to help people.  I want to help people realise that they can have a business and a life that actually, fits in well together and has that balance.   I can do that because, I’ve lived through the crazy and came out on the other side to finally put things into perspective. Plus I’ve also, given myself the tools to help me achieve that calm life that comes without stress.

That’s my story and that’s how I got to know what my niche was.


So if, you’re still in that process of needing to find your niche. The question again, ask yourself… The easiest way to find your niche is to ask yourself.

“What is the biggest problem you have had in your life, and how you’ve overcome it.”

So, the biggest problem that you have had to date.

The biggest pain point.

The biggest misery, if you like.

It’s that shitty story that you read all of the other entrepreneurs tell you is their wake up call,

that’s the way you figure out your niche.


So, figure out what you’re actual, pain point and the problem was that you’ve overcome and, I guarantee you, when you start talking to your ideal client as if you are talking to yourself when you were in that problem, you have found your niche and you have found your engagement.


Want to learn more from me?  Find out how we can work together some more by clicking here


I’d love to hear if your niche is similar to how I describe it above and is a pain point or a problem you have had and solved – let me know in the comments below…

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