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The easiest way to achieve your goals

The easiest way to achieve your goals

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs and articles out there which tell you how to achieve your goals, and they are full of basic common sense.

But here is some non life-coachy advice that won’t be found as regularly and won’t come as naturally to mind.

Of course, having a clear vision, setting goals that inspire you blah blah blah is perfectly sound – but rather obvious.  After all, you are not going to set a goal that doesn’t inspire.

Life goal – load the dishwasher




Unusual Tip One – Embrace failure

On the way to achieving your goal, things will go wrong, bad decisions will be made, matters will head in directions for which you didn’t plan.

After all, if everything was hunky dory and just slotted neatly into place, either you are missing the point, or your goal was so unchallenging it can’t really be called a goal.  More a vague punt at the target.

So embrace failure.  We learn far more from getting things wrong than getting them right.  A bit of failure helps us to review our methods, challenge our thinking and open our minds.  Those are all criteria for success.  Getting things wrong helps us to meet them.


Weird Advice Two – Goals don’t microwave

Perhaps not that unusual a tip, but one that is often forgotten.  Making the most sumptuous meal is more than just dealing with the end result.  The recipe has to be found, the ingredients bought, the guests invited, the steps followed and the cooking done.

If you cut out those stages, the best option you are left with is a microwave dinner – OK, but lacking in subtle flavouring, a bit of a cheat and full of harmful salt.

Of course, the point is that your goal is like this.  It needs to be broken down into achievable, manageable chunks.

We learn far more from getting things wrong than getting them right. Click to Tweet

Left field Information Three – Forget your goal

But not too often or for too long.  Gurus will often stress how important it is too keep your goal in the forefront of your mind.  They are right, but beware of becoming so obsessed that it puts off the people around you.  More than anything else in life we need relationship with other people.

When we don’t have them, our general well being is damaged and that makes us less effective in all aspects of our lives.

So keep a sense of perspective about your goals.  Forgetting them occasionally helps to make them even more achievable.


Good Guide Four – Get Help

We don’t do our own dentistry.  If we need an operation, we don’t sigh, get out the sharpest knife from the kitchen drawer and start hacking away.  Why then, if we are tackling a major goal, why would we want to do it by ourselves?

Getting help works in two ways.  Firstly, the kind of supportive assistance that can be found from friends and family.  Everything from looking after the dog so you can go to that conference, to collecting the kids from school and keeping them for tea so you can have an extra couple of hours of quiet time, to just simply being a listening ear.

Secondly, we will probably need professional help.  That again can run from technical advice, such as a lawyer to draft watertight contracts to coaching advice like you can get with me which helps us clarify our thinking and improve our efficiency.

So remember, reaching your goals is not just about doing the obvious!

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