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“Melanie’s work is a beautiful balance of practical business strategy with total alignment with Self.

The result is a business that feels true to who you really are, which will give you the momentum to grow and achieve both success and deep fulfilment. ”

~ Natalie Macneil,
Emmy Award Winning Media Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Mentor and Speaker.mw_gold-line


“I honestly didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up to work with Melanie. It was a little scary making the decision, but it was the best thing I could’ve done.

From the beginning, Melanie was open and honest and made me feel extremely comfortable to work with.  As a result, I’ve achieved things I may never have without her guidance and support.  I learned tools and strategies that will continue to help me long into the future.

I enjoyed every moment working with Melanie and cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is feeling stuck, lost, restless and unsure what to do. Although we all have the ability within us, sometimes we need an awesome life coach to clear the way for us to move forward with whatever we desire. Thank you Melanie!”

~ Jo Wormald, Media and Marketing


“Coaching with Melanie has been exactly what I needed in my business and my life.  I was feeling a little stuck in my business and life before and had a real lack of vision on where to go to next.  My business success has happened so quickly that I didn’t feel like I had time to process or plan for the next steps.  She has helped me get really clear on who I am, what I need so that my vision now matches those values.

I am excited to continue coaching with Melanie and seeing the results I know I will achieve by being held accountable and having her support me every step of the way.”

~ Rosie Nerney, Blue Diamond Leader –dōTERRA


“Melanie’s focus, drive and laughter is contagious. She has this special talent of being a ‘straight shooter’ while still being playful, supportive, strategic, resourceful and fun – a powerful cocktail of coaching arsenal.

If you are looking for someone to support you in joyfully and confidently balancing life with creating a successful, profitable business – I recommend booking in with Melanie quick smart.”

~ Naomi Arnold, Award Winning Business and Life Coach


“Melanie’s coaching provides holistic, big picture vision for you and your business, but at the same time supports you with the everyday actions you need to take to build a business and reduce overwhelm along the way.

She is no-nonsense, knowledgeable and has such an incredibly varied business background.  Her coaching packages are the perfect

combination to help get your business started, get it back on track after being out in the world for a period of time, or even for experienced entrepreneurs – to go back to ensuring solid foundations. I wish everyone had the chance to work with Mel!

~ Kate Cashman, Rest and Renewal Coach – The Breath Between


testimonial-images-grace“Before working with Melanie I had some nerves about how much “fluffy” and “emotional jargon’ would be involved. It was very soon into the process I realised everything I knew about ‘self-help’ was sensationalised and could be tailored to different

personality types.

Working with Melanie led me to having some inspiring  ‘A Ha!” moments around my priorities and discoveries about myself.

I would have no hesitations recommending Melanie to anyone who was considering moving forward and taking action in their life. The actions and movement we took while working together has allowed me to move forward in my life.”

~ Grace Keath, National Support Manager – ALH Group


“I was overwhelmed and needed direction in my business and if I am honest I had lost the joy for my business.
Fast forward 12 weeks and I am back in love with my business and life!

I have created structure within my business which has allowed balance in my life.
Doubling my income was a side benefit – Investing in coaching was worth it for my future.”

~ Tattum West – dōTERRA Platinum Leader


j-testimonial-image“Melanie’s coaching is like a work-out for the soul. I felt comfortable from our very first message. Melanie is straightforward, motivating and moved me in action on a goal that I had previously been procrastinating on. I’ve had some major mindset shifts and some clear realisations about how my patterns hold me back. I am definitely in a different place then when I started – and it’s a great place! I am better prepared to move forward and approach this personal challenge in a totally different way. I would recommend Melanie wholeheartedly. If you are fed up with something in your life but don’t know how to break through, Melanie is the right coach for you.”

~ Jaclynn Richelle, Writer and Coach


“When I first started working with Melanie, I wasn’t sure that coaching was right for me and I didn’t think that I would see any results. How very wrong was I because what results DIDN’T I achieve?! I achieved so much in our time together. I’ve become 1000x more confident in myself and my business and I have given myself the permission to start blazing my own trail instead of following other professionals.

I published my most successful blog yet, grew my twitter following and set up an email marketing plan (which will be implemented soon!) and I’m so happy in what I’m doing now. The confidence I grew also helped me achieve my most successful months of business revenue since starting Candid Content 2 years ago. Pretty amazing for a few months of coaching!

The confidence that I got from our coaching sessions has given me a renewed passion for what I do. I now have the confidence to voice my ideas and to really help my clients, and I am always so excited to implement new things into my business now! I feel like I’m only now just getting started – and it’s such an exciting time for me! I have big ideas, and now I’m not afraid to put them into action.”

~ Rhiannon Young, Candid Content

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