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Can business be subtle?

Can business be subtle?









Lately, I don’t know about you but if you are on Facebook the answer is a big fat NO.  EVERYWHERE you look there is something or someone ramming down your throat…

Today my feed is promising me:

  • A 5 Day Challenge to help me get more clients
  • Goddesses and enlightenment
  • How to be a funnier speaker
  • How funnels are the answer
  • More about getting fully booked
  • A long post about how I should be surrendering


And am I right…it’s freaking overwhelming… and that’s before I start on the groups – let me give you a quick snap in there…


  • Young lady being ostracized in one group for posting a picture which has been judged as being too sexual and too gimmicky
  • People hunting for influencers
  • 14-day programs to reset and recharge
  • Free essential oils images
  • Post an emoji to get my free content


And it sells hard and fast everywhere…


Business and subtle… a subtle art in business.


If you know me you know I am activist for less bullshit in my life and very anti the hustle word.  But you know what I have been finding lately and I don’t think I am alone here either after reading a post yesterday from a friend Sue @smilechickie  – I haven’t been walking my talk.


I’ve been so caught up in talking and helping other people and my to-do list as well as some pretty nasty judgements I think I went to the land of overwhelm and procrastination.  This post in itself has probably taken 3 days for me to just sit down and pour out!

One thing that did come up in my feed was a post from Vishen at Mindvalley about the whole concept of the word “unf&*kwithable”.  A word that was created by the internet land but a word that feels some credence.  A word he defines as when you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself.  Nothing anyone does or says bothers you and no negativity can touch you.


And it got me thinking.


Thinking about the 2 healers I have seen in the past month who were both yammering on to me about third eyes and intuition. And energy.

So I am not a flower crown goddess yielding coach.  I am however someone who believes in energy and believes that life and business should be full of joy and freedom because otherwise what’s the point right?


So intuition, third eyes, unf+*&withable and a subtle art of business.


So my first steps as I reclaim this back and I encourage you to do the same – if something is in your life/world that isn’t subtle and it isn’t fun – get rid of it.  Yes, I am talking about the person you follow on insta or facebook that causes you to think what you should be doing and if only you could do it like them.

Turn it off.

It is time to do you.

And to do you without any use of the word should.

Over the coming months, you will notice this will be a bit of a theme for me as I am sooo passionate about freeing women from the fear and comparisonitis that ultimately takes them to procrastination and stops their success.


I’d love to hear what you are getting rid of in your life in the comments below.


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