how to get more joy in your life today?

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aaaaannnnd now you are wondering is it really worth it?


And that’s where I come in…

I’m Melanie Wheatley, a Business & Mindset Coach and very soon to be Kinesiology practitioner.

I am passionate about helping coaches, healers and entrepreneurs remove the blocks that are holding them back so they can grow their businesses and still enjoy their lives (that’s that thing outside of work).

Juggling multiple balls, a lack of consistent clients and feeling like you are not getting anywhere is more common than you think. Much like Kon Mari helps her clients find the joy in their home organisation, I help my clients find the joy in their business and life again with my signature coaching system.

My philosophy around a balanced business and life is based on the “triangle of health” – I believe that we are all a little like this triangle.  All three sides of us need attention and balancing- two much attention in one area brings us out of wack in another.  And so…we figure out your triangle and we align you with that vision.

My work is for you if you have had enough, you are ready to stop making excuses and you desperately want that business and life you dream of.

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Who am I really ?

I’m an Australian woman who grew up in the big smoke before opting for the sea change that had me 

calling the Great Barrier Reef home for over 10 years.  I loves experiences – food, travel, adventure and good champagne are my chosen vices!

I like jokes, telling stories and anything that has an end result of laughing so loud and hard you cry.  People can live vicariously through my loud laugh.

I’m a coach, energy worker, recovering organisational addict & perfectionist nerd, entrepreneur, former hotelier, who enjoys honest clear conversations on life, netflix and the reality of entrepreneurship and its marketing dream of “overnight success”

I built a business around helping entrepreneurs, coaches and healers figure out how to do what they do so that it is in line with them and sustainable. Everything I do is centered around maintaining energy so that we can have joy in all areas of life and business.



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As a kid I was obsessed with boxing – hello Muhammad Ali and Rocky…I had my mum make me a dressing gown with a hood on it so I could run around re-enacting Rocky practicing my shadow boxing and skipping to eye of the tiger.
LESSON – embracing both strong and soft is a combination we can all master.

I have studied and play the piano… It was much to my horror that while I could play the piano it was apparent I could not sing a note in tune – goodbye childhood dreams of being the next Kylie Minogue.
LESSON – keep doing what makes you happy.

I have webbed toes. My second and third toe are joined about half way and I cannot swim faster.
LESSON – be proud of your uniqueness– there will never be anyone quite like you.

When I first met my husband his love of country music used to drive me so crazy I literally questioned whether we could continue and now I sort of like it too (just don’t tell him).
LESSON – embrace learning and accepting others likes and interests.

I’ve never eaten a chico roll which I am told as an Australian this is somewhat of a mean feat.
LESSON – don’t do something just because everyone else does – run your own damn race.

I love pink – I was once asked what colour scooter would I like for my work and I cheekily responded pink. Can you just imagine how excited I was when I got a pink scooter. It then became a daily challenge to coordinate my outfits to my pink scooter.
LESSON – refer lesson one.

I am a walking contradiction of being obsessed with low-tox eating but unable to give up high-tox champagne.
LESSON – Life is balance for me when I embrace the yin and yang dualities it has to offer.

I have lived through not just one but 2 category 5 cyclones, mass floods and fire whilst living on small islands in the Barrier Reef – crisis management anyone?
LESSON – living in constant stress mode is not good for your health



Melanie Wheatley is an Internationally Certified Business and Mindset Coach.  She helps coaches, healers and entrepreneurs conquer negative energy blocks and define balance to up-level their business growth.


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