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These 3 things could change your morning forever

These 3 things could change your morning forever

The alarm goes off and you hit snooze?  You had goals, visions and things you wanted to do this morning but that little bit more sleep all of a sudden becomes more important.  I’m making a wild guess that this is something like if not all what your morning looks like.


So how the hell do other people achieve so much in the morning’s?  You know the ones who fire up a workout/healthy breakfast/blow-dry their hair/perfect makeup… you know the type!  How do they do what you find so hard to achieve?  What do they have that you don’t?


The answer is NOTHING.  You have everything you need to be able to have the morning you desire as well, what it comes down to is focus/intentions and practice.


I’m a big believer in the miracle mornings – you can download my worksheet here or read more about hal elrod’s book here .  In his vision he talks about the key things you do in the morning that sets your day up for success.  Tony Robbins calls it priming, some people just call it exercise!  The basics are there though.


Most people agree that you need reflection/meditation, movement and gratitude in your mornings.  This can all sound great in theory but how the hell do you fit all these things in when life gets busy?


The focus must be on you.

What do you need?


Go to bed early.  But before you go to bed make sure you are off all devices at least half an hour earlier and consider the idea of “priming” right now could be one of the ways to make the best out of your next day.  I like to create a ritual in the evening.  More on that though some other time – because today we are talking about mornings!!!


So to make the most out of your mornings; I believe you need to meditate/reflect/journal/visualise and move your body.  Not forgetting you also need a nutritious healthy breakfast in the midst of all of this!?


So how do we do this:


  • Repetition/ Just do it! – turning up is a big key to creating a healthy habit.  But first you have to be sure why you are doing this.  Why do you want to have a great start to your day?  How does it make you feel when you get up and move your body?  How does it make you feel when  you don’t??  If you need a reminder – stick a piece of paper on your bedside table telling you why or better yet record yourself and use that as your alarm.


Once you consistently get up and do something you begin to set the foundations for  habit.  In this instance we are trying to create a healthy habit which is a goal

  • Plan. – really plan how your day is going to work.  How much time do you need in the mornings to create and make the most of it.  How much time do you need to get ready?  How much time do you need for breakfast?  With a bit of pre-planning you could have all of your breakfasts cooked and ready to go at the beginning of each week which will enable you time when you need it.  Don’t just put your exercise gear out either but put it out and the night before plan what you are going to do.  Are you going to run?  Are you going to do yoga?  Are you going to dance??  What is your intention and what does your body need


  • Be ruthless in your quest – if your intention is to make the most out of your mornings – be ruthless.  If you know agreeing to a social event is going to mess up your plans for the morning – think about it.  What is it you value more?  What does making the most out of your mornings mean?  For me it means I am calmer, I cope with stress a whole lot better and I have better focus and clarity throughout the day.  When I am ruthless, it means yes, I do have to tell my husband this is what my plans are and yes, that may mean you are banned from watching sunrise this morning but my mornings are priority.  Ruthless and selfish.


Do you want to try my challenge for a adapted version of my miracle morning?  Sign up here for immediate access!

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