how to get confidence and feel good with actual solutions?

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Why are you the right coach for me?

I am the right coach for you if you want to take action NOW. I will support and encourage you whilst holding you accountable at all times.

My sessions do not involve hugging trees or soft flowery words.

You do not want to be part of a tribe.  You are you and for that I promise to support you 100%

Our sessions will be purposeful and direct. They may be emotional and talk about some woo things like inner healing/blocks.  They will always offer practical tangible activities and actions to shift fear, negativity and shitty inner chatter.

The sessions are guided by you so we don’t necessarily just have to talk about your mindset we can cover and set goals for any challenge or situation you are facing in any area of life.

Unlike a therapist, I am not here to focus on your past, I focus on your future. I will be flexible to adapt my approach in order to support you with whatever you need in each session.

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