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New to meditation?  Here’s what you need to know

New to meditation? Here’s what you need to know

So, you are new to meditation or maybe some crazy life coach/counseller or shrink told you that you should try meditation because the benefits are AHHHMAzing.  And frankly the idea of sitting still for an hour scares you senseless and you would rather pluck the hairs from your nasal passage.  You don’t have henna in your hair and you don’t wear harem pants, your weekends are filled with social outings, champagne and your weeks are fill with the mandatory gym classes before or after work…your life is full.  So, why oh why is someone telling you to meditate and how do you do it?


The funny thing meditation is if we are paying attention to ourselves it really does tell us A LOT about ourselves, our judgement, our inability to sit still for five minutes, our need to be busy and move, and our inherent ability to hide from doing the things called self-care.


So if you are new to this whole deal, here’s what you need to know:


  1. Sometimes you will find your calm and the time will pass quickly and sometimes you will not.  More often when first starting you will not.  And that’s ok.  I would encourage you to try and stick with it for the time allocated even when your brain goes somewhere else.


  1. Sitting still meditating with no guidance for a newbie is like asking a toddler not to eat the icecream – STUPID.  Unless you are the dalai lama reincarnated, you need help.  In life when trying new things we need help, we can’t just do everything perfectly straight up.  I love these apps for guided meditation; Buddhify is an app where it’s almost got a choose your own adventure style; pick where you are and what your need is and there is a meditation for it – you can get that here and the other one is omvana an app by Mindvalley – check it out here; the reason I love this one is they actually have a 5 day guide to meditation.  The guy who leads that mediation’s name is Vishen Likhiani, now he basically made this power meditation for efficiency.  He’s a guy who used to meditate for an hour at a time but after trialling found he got the same benefit and feelings from a concentrated 20mins.  I’m always a fan of efficiency in my life, how about you?

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  1. Even though you meditate daily, you may still want to punch someone ie: you will not become the Dalai Lama and that’s ok.


  1. Yes, refer point 3 BUT what I will say is daily meditation will make those moments of wanting to punch someone less and less.  In short meditation will without you even realising bring you perspective in your day to day life.  You will be calmer, and yes even though you may have moments of wanting to punch someone I am telling you right now your ability to manage stressful situations and stressful people will be 100% improved.


  1. You don’t need an alter.  You don’t need a buddha.  You don’t need to sit on the floor with your leg’s crossed in perfect harmony.  You just need a space where you can sit/stand without interruption for the length of your meditation and then you just need to do it.


  1. Guaranteed way for you not to get in your meditation zone is to check your phone email/voicemail/social media… If you want to meditate in the morning – do not do this ladies, take it from me – it doesn’t work.


  1. You will feel smug when you first begin practicing and whilst this isn’t a very “spiritual” feeling, that’s ok too.  It’s ok to feel like you are doing something good, to feel enlightened with this new found calm.  You do however not need to share your calm with the entire world.  Meditation comes into people lives when they are ready for it if at all, not because you feel like you are the new Dalai Lama and it has made your life sooo AHHmazing.

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