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Official Bio:

Melanie is a Success Coach focussing on systems and organisation she is multi-passionate; a Business Organisation Guru,  a Certified Life Coach, a Former Stress Addict in recovery and a Experienced Management Professional.

  Using her skills of coaching, business mentoring and life experience she supports go-getting entrepreneurs who are stuck in overwhelm, stress and procrastination with one brilliant action based game plan at a time.

Melanie Wheatley is a introverted extrovert and a power-house for action.  She has coordinated the aftermath of plane crashes, mass evacuations due to floods, fire and cyclones.  Quite literally if you want to see something done and done well she will make it happen.  It’s these skills that transfer to make her a source of knowledge and inspiration for her clients.  She is #anti-hustle and firmly believe’s that life should be easy, business should be fun and there is no such word as can’t!

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her spending too much time on Instagram planning her next holiday, chatting to her friends while enjoying a glass of bubbles or dancing as if she is a rock star in her own office with a hairbrush as the microphone. Check out her stories, tips, inspiration on business and life at

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