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How embracing who you are improves your happiness

How embracing who you are improves your happiness

Up at five – out the door and off on the 10km jog.  My luminous yellow lycra just sets off my neatly shaped legs and pert little bot.  Just the right side of not being too muscular.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself. The music beats in my ears.  It’s Tuesday, so movie soundtrack day, The Eye of the Tiger is throwing an extra lift into my legs.

It takes about an hour, then back shower, granola – banana and honey to set it off along with camomile tea (as it’s Tuesday).

Work starts at eight – five assignments today, and – with a short rest for lunch (fresh salmon, sourdough lightly toasted) I’m back at it and finished by four.

An hour’s treat a bubble bath before dinner.  Pretty good, wouldn’t you say.  I do.

Up at ten – early start today.  Head ringing, face the colour of weak batter.  Last night’s pizza – I like it when it’s cold and chewy.  Manage to get through two jobs this morning, don’t know how.  Check the fridge, yay, pizza again.  We really didn’t get through much last night.  Three o clock, two tasks to go.

Four o clock, two tasks to go, but at least it’s late enough to break open the Chardonnay – bit of ice to chill it, and it’ll be fine.

Seven o clock, all finished – wine and jobs.  Check the fridge.  Aaah.  Indian takeaway tonight, it’s great for breakfast as well.

So, who’s to judge?

Most of us fit somewhere between the power organised fitness and health lover and the pizza woman above, shifting one way or the other as the mood and pressure takes us.  We are what we are and why should anyone expect any different?

Except, maybe, ourselves?

Can we be even happier with who we are?

Think about the following questions.

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you aim for the stars and beyond?
  • Do you take risks, and live with the consequences?
  • Do you know where you’re going, and how to get there?
  • Can you let people in to help and support you, when you need it?
  • Is your comfort zone just a rarely visited destination?
  • Do you see things positively?
  • Do you laugh a lot?
  • Do you give the inner you free reign to run riot when the feeling takes you?

If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to all those questions, then you are either superwoman, or perhaps following that old trick of not being completely honest with yourself.  You know the sort of thing – ‘I really will make this the last glass…’

I think though you probably relate more with some of the no’s… I know the moment I give up my need to be superwoman and really focussing on not the things I am not, I feel better.

So if you are in the middle of your own shit show of hating on yourself let’s take a small itemised look at your wins.  What is it you are proud of and I know there will be something on the list even if its as small as not screaming at your husband when you were frustrated today!

If you are judging on your weight, let’s take a moment to celebrate your body for who it is.  Those 2 little legs are carrying you around and that my friend is awesome, the little love handle, well that there was a testimony to the chocolate you enjoyed, the wrinkles around your eyes all testimony to a life well lived and loved – wrinkle free takes away all of those moments ha ha.

The massive thing to remember here is… you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life.

Still Lost and want some help figuring it all out? I am a  multi-passionate Certified Life Coach and a self-confessed stress addict in recovery. I am dedicated to helping women get out of their own way so that they can reach their own zones of genius.

I work with strong bold women who need help in creating an action plan so they can project forward and live the life they want. My coaching is all about freeing mindset blocks, boosting confidence and gaining clarity to get real results. Get my free worksheet here which may have you closer than you think to the life you really want.

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