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 Can you tell we are related?? People say we look so alike, I'm not sure 🤔
 "There's no magic stardust falling from the sky. I'm not going to grow wings, my heart can't learn to fly. This transformation I'm making is going to take some time, but if I try my hardest, I can create a whole new life." ~~Christy Ann Martine Share this or comment below if you are working on a transformation
 Should I say sorry to you for the #foodspam or sorry to me that I'm so excited to see fresh fruit! 🤷‍♀️ #real life
 What is your favourite breakfast??
 So lucky to have a life full of glorious sunsets and beautiful locations. Shit weather in the gc today so this one is a flash from that time in Canggu #oldmans
 I'll say it again... if only real life came with a snapchat filter ‍#timesaver #makeuptutorial

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