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I am an internationally certified Business and Lifestyle coach who works with ambitious women to help them create a life and business without chaos (aka stress), hustle,
comparison and fear.

I help women create balanced, purposeful strategies to achieve their goals with a less is more approach.  We calm the ego that wants to compare and judge so that everything we do is focussed on our goals and achievements rather than that of others.  (Yes girlfriend, I see you silently stalking that Instagram account overthinking and obsessing!)

Through my individual programs and free resources, my mission is to for you to do just that… To create or build your business that allows you the freedom of a lifestyle.

I want you to understand that adversity and challenges will come in many different ways but with great support and the right mindset it wont stop you from achieving your goals
with ease and grace.


Who am I really ?

I am a wife, step-mother, sister, daughter and a friend.  I know how it feels to be so stressed out and chaotic that you feel like you need a course in how to have fun.  I know that feeling of is this really it and I really thought I was meant for more.  And I also know what it feels like to be on the other side where you live your life and business on your terms!

I dream of a time where women stop judging themselves and realise that this life we have right now is a one-shot so we may as well make it fun! I’m dedicated to helping women live a little more and hustle a lot less in their lives and businesses!

I am like you, I have a story and it is what has lead me to be the coach I am today..


My story…the abridged version

I managed at the ripe old age of …well let’s just say I am still under 40…two successful careers because after all doesn’t everybody need a midlife crisis at 25?   I nailed responsibility aka stress at a young age managing multiple departments in property development to then renounce that and land myself to become an expert in the land of remote resorts yet I felt that I was constantly waiting for the “next big thing” to make me feel happy and fulfilled.

Just one of those minor stressful events – Cyclone Yasi 2011

I spaced out that over a 10 year period on that stress scale that always comes up that I had ticked a few boxes twice over (plane crashes, fire, floods, death, cyclones – you name it) and to be honest I was so stressed I couldn’t even enjoy the most important things in life.

Because I promised the abridged version… I became a sick and was not very nice person to be around!

It took me a few years but finally I realised that this just wasn’t living and if I continued to be addicted to stress and work I was NEVER going to be happy and it was time to take drastic action.

I took some time out to focus on what I truly wanted and my husband and I travelled through Asia.  I tossed up the ideas of becoming a counsellor, fashion design and I think at one stage I was even going to go sail the world (pretty ironic given I get sea sick) and then I discovered the idea of Coaching through a book I was reading by Kate James.  It clicked.  This is what I was meant to do. 

Action came to me then in the form of a lot of education, experience and boundaries… some pretty crystal clear clarity about what my values were and how/why I needed to listen and live them.

I started to notice my anxiety, stress and general overwhelm reduced and instead of listening to all the should’s I decided to work out what I could.

And what I can do using all of my strengths in both education and life allows me to help other women dream big for their businesses, live a life full of joy and without stress.  

I now work with the most inspiring women, mostly early stage entrepreneurs helping them get create plans and strategies so that they can have both lives and businesses that they love, where they live with true freedom and purpose.

I’ve learned to feel joy again, I’ve learned how to live more and hustle less so that I can truly enjoy my life!

If you are interested in how you can do the same for yourself, click the ‘work with me’ tab or “get started” below to learn more.


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  1. As a kid I was obsessed with boxers – hello Muhammad Ali and Rocky…I had my mum make me a dressing gown with a hood on it so I could run around re-enacting Rocky practicing my shadow boxing and skipping to eye of the tiger. The fighting spirit started early…
  2. I play the piano… I studied for years and got distinctions and all the rest. The most heartbreaking thing about my time playing the piano was the singing. To complete your exams for piano you have to sing notes and much to my horror my piano teacher announced quite clearly that I could not sing a note in tune – good bye child hood dreams of being the next Kylie Minogue.
  3. I have webbed toes. My second and third toe are joined about half way and I cannot swim faster.
  4. When I first met my husband his love of country music used to drive me so crazy I literally questioned whether we could continue and now I sort of like it too (just don’t tell him).
  5. I’ve never eaten a chico roll which I am told as an Australian this is somewhat of a mean feat.
  6. I love pink – I was once asked what colour scooter would I like for my work and I cheekily responded pink. Can you just imagine how excited I was when I got a pink scooter. It then became a daily challenge to coordinate my outfits to my pink scooter.
  7. I am a walking contradiction of being obsessed with low-tox eating but unable to give up high-tox champagne.
  8. For three and a half years my husband and I were the managers and lived in a place called XXXX Island. An island for beer drinkers and seen in the media as the ultimate destination for a “blokes only” get away.   It truly was a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever.
  9. I have lived through not just one but 2 category 5 cyclones, mass floods and fire whilst living on small islands in the Barrier Reef – crisis management anyone?
  10. I am addicted to buying all of the latest exercise trends on the market. My husband has warned me if the latest purchase ends up as a clothes hanger or dust collector I am banned from purchasing for evermore.



AKA The Write-About-Yourself-In-The-Third-Person Version

Melanie is an Internationally Certified Business and Lifestyle Coach and Entrepreneur, committed to helping women create balanced, purposeful strategies to achieve their goals with a less is more approach.  She wholeheartedly believes that we should live more and hustle less.

  Using her skills of coaching, business mentoring and life experience she supports ambitious women to help them create a life and business without
chaos (aka stress), hustle, comparison and fear.

Melanie Wheatley is a introverted extrovert, former stress addict and a power-house for purposeful action.  She has coordinated the aftermath of plane crashes, mass evacuations due to floods, fire and cyclones.  Quite literally if you want to see something done and done well she will make it happen.  It’s these skills that transfer to make her a source of knowledge and inspiration for her clients.  

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her spending too much time on Instagram planning her next holiday, chatting to her friends while enjoying a glass of bubbles or dancing as if she is a rock star in her own office with a hairbrush as the microphone. Check out her stories, tips, inspiration on business and life at www.melaniewheatley.com

(You know you want to and you’ll be glad you did.)

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