that are killing your business.

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Because you have a GREAT BUSINESS IDEA


 you also have STRESS,


how to make it all COME TO LIFE.



You CAN do this

(I can help you)


I’m Melanie Wheatley a Coach, Mentor, Strategist and your new Business Bestie.   My passion is helping go-getting entrepreneurs create one brilliant action plan at a time so their business and life is free from overwhelm and stress and all about ACTION.  Additional side effects include increased happiness.

I spent more than 20,000 hours organising and creating solutions for businesses in senior management roles and yet I knew I wanted more.  I started my own two businesses which have allowed me to switch my focus to helping women entrepreneurs create a business life they dream of.

Along the way, I studied Life Coaching with an ICF registered body and dabbled with the concept of being a Life Coach…Turns out I wasn’t a huge lover of the “life” part and my special sauce is more aligned to business and results driven action.

I’ve supported my clients in a B.S free zone and helped them create a clear action plan to wave good-bye to stress and overwhelm and hello to real results.

I work with my clients 1:1 over a six month period – click here to learn more.

If you are ready to change your business and start creating action – click here to get started.

If you are still not convinced and you want to hear what others are saying about me – click here




  1. As a kid I was obsessed with boxers – hello Muhammad Ali and Rocky…I had my mum make me a dressing gown with a hood on it so I could run around re-enacting Rocky practicing my shadow boxing and skipping to eye of the tiger. The fighting spirit started early…
  2. I play the piano… I studied for years and got distinctions and all the rest. The most heartbreaking thing about my time playing the piano was the singing. To complete your exams for piano you have to sing notes and much to my horror my piano teacher announced quite clearly that I could not sing a note in tune – good bye child hood dreams of being the next Kylie Minogue.
  3. I have webbed toes. My second and third toe are joined about half way and again much to my childhood horror and everyone else’s – this did not make me swim faster.
  4. When I first met my husband his love of country music used to drive me so crazy I literally questioned whether we could continue and now I sort of like it too (just don’t tell him)
  5. I’ve never eaten a chico roll which I am told as an Australian this is somewhat of a mean feat
  6. I love pink – I was once asked what colour scooter would I like for my work and I cheekily responded pink. Can you just imagine how excited I was when I got a pink scooter. It then became a daily challenge to coordinate my outfits to my pink scooter.
  7. People often say I like to talk A LOT and once I thought this was an insult and now I kind of just high five myself because I am entertaining and fun!
  8. For three and a half years my husband and I were the managers and lived in a place called XXXX Island. An island for beer drinkers and seen in the media as the ultimate destination for a “blokes only” get away.   It truly was a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever.
  9. I have lived through not just one but 2 category 5 cyclones whilst living on small islands in the Barrier Reef
  10. I am addicted to buying all of the latest exercise trends on the market. My husband has warned me if the latest purchase ends up as a clothes hanger or dust collector I am banned from purchasing for evermore.



AKA The Write-About-Yourself-In-The-Third-Person Version

Melanie is a multi-passionate, a Business Organisation Guru,  a Certified Life Coach, a Former Stress Addict in recovery and a Experienced Management Professional.

  Using her skills of coaching, business mentoring and life experience she supports go getting entrepreneurs who are stuck in overwhelm, stress and procrastination with one brilliant action based game plan at a time.

Melanie Wheatley is a introverted extrovert who is a power-house for action.  She has coordinated the aftermath of plane crashes, mass evacuations due to floods, fire and cyclones.  Quite literally if you want to see something done and done well she will make it happen.  It’s these skills that transfer to make her a source of knowledge and inspiration for her clients.  She firmly believe’s that life should be easy, business should be fun and there is no such word as can’t!

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her spending too much time on Instagram planning her next holiday, chatting to her friends while enjoying a glass of bubbles or dancing as if she is a rock star in her own lounge room with a hairbrush as the microphone. Check out her stories, tips, inspiration on business and life at

(You know you want to and you’ll be glad you did.)

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