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6 Questions about Life Coaching you are too afraid to ask

6 Questions about Life Coaching you are too afraid to ask

Life coaching, it brings out the sceptics, the judgements and the polite giggles.  How do I know this?  From the way when I tell people that I am aLife coach and they sort of tilt their head to the right and smile knowingly with an oohhh ok.  That judgemental look of yes right, you think you are the new modern day age Oprah.  That look that also says they are kind of curious, but its so foreign and weird they don’t really know much about it.


It’s this kind of judgement that probably stops so many people from learning about life coaching or for that very matter taking up coaching.  So if life coaching is something you have been interested in, but too bloody judgemental or scared to ask/learn more then – this post is for you.


1. Is it going to cost me a fortune?


It depends on what you define a fortune as.


Some coaches can charge up to $5000 and more for a three month 1 on 1 coaching series.  Some coaches offer pro-bono coaching in order for them to gain more testimonials for their websites.


Here’s where I think coaching will cost you a fortune.  It will cost you, if you are not prepared to do the work.  If you come in expecting the work to be done for you and a magical solution to get you to your goals.


This is not life coaching.

A coaching series with me which is 7 sessions spread over a three and a half month timeline will currently (April 2017) cost you $399 per month.  That involves fortnightly sessions over the phone and unlimited catch ups over email.


The question you have to ask yourself is what can you get out of it?


Is investing in yourself and your future worth it?


There is nothing like getting crystal clear on your vision and figuring out how the hell to get there.  With someone very gently and kindly holding you accountable.


Life coaching could ultimately save you a fortune of wasted money, time and effort.


2. What makes a life coach a life coach?


Its a double double question isn’t it?  The short answer is anyone can call themselves a life coach which is really fucking frightening.


What I would encourage you to do though if you are in the market for life coaching is look for one who has studied with an accredited ICF provider.  I completed my studies over a 12 month period with a respected teacher within the industry who is accredited through the ICF as a provider/teacher/coach.


The fact is every day as a coach we make a commitment to learning, studying and developing.


If you go to a coach who wants to talk more than they want to listen – this is also probably a good sign they may not be the greatest life coach for you.


A great coach is here to guide and watch you as you leap in to your action and goals.  They are an audience member – not the main star.


The main star of your life movie is you. Click to Tweet


3. Am I going to have to talk about my parents and shit that’s happened in the past??

NOOOOO.  This is a big time no.  A lot of people confuse coaching with counselling.  My friend coaching is not going to have you talking, dredging up the past.  It’s going to move you forward in to your bright shiny future.  If you have things that still need to be resolved or closed – see a counsellor or registered professional.  Coaches are not counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists.  Think of a coach as your very own cheer squad.  They are going to be the power squad behind you and help you get to where you want to be which is


4. Are they going to make me do things I don’t want to do

Firstly, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.  You are in control of your life and destiny.  There are things that may be suggested to you but if it doesn’t feel right to you to act upon these actions speak up.  Tell your coach that its not something you feel ready with right now so together you can come up with something that will put you a little closer to your goal but without the discomfort.


Alternatively ask yourself the question – why do I feel uncomfortable about this?  Is it fear?


Don’t let procrastination and fear stop you from living your goals and dreams.  Let your coach work with you.


5. I think my friends will think I’m a weirdo for seeing a life coach

Do they need to know?  Does anyone need to know?


This is your life and your power.


If your friends judge you for wanting to better yourself and reach your goals and invest in yourself then ask yourself strongly – are these people projecting you forward and challenging you in life as well as supporting you or do they want you to stay in the same stagnant spot you are in.


6. How does it even work?  Do I have to go somewhere??

Please please, read more about how coaching works here


Coaching can change your life if you are ready.

Are you ready to let go of your b.s, and live that life you deserve gorgeous?  Click here to make your way in to my diary and a free call to see if we can make magic!

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